Monday, July 13, 2009

A new path

College...a word that has always been present in my world. It was never an option. I WOULD questions asked, that was just how it was.
Then last year I started to question that, should girls really go? Is it more biblical to stay home then to get an education? Could what I always thought be wrong?
For awhile I even prayed that I wouldn't go to college, I wanted to just learn to be a wife while staying at my home, which, for me, is totally impractical and impossible for many personal reasons. The doors for staying home just would not open; the door for college kept flying open.
At this point I accepted that staying home and not going to college was not for me and that I would go wherever God showed me, not to long after I accepted this I found a name of a college that really stuck out and prayed that I could go to that one. I had requested drawers-full of information packets from various colleges and applied at a few and got accepted into two others but none felt as right as this one. It was almost too good to be true. I wanted to go to this college so bad. Could I actually be getting my wish?
I needed a 3.0 GPA to get in...I finished with a 3.77 which will qualify me for many wonderful scholarships. I needed a 995 math and reading SAT score...I received a 1040. Every thing "seemed" perfect. I was still scared that something wouldn't work out, but it felt so right.

I prayed nonstop for guidance about this. I called the college a few times...ok a lot of times! I asked questions; I studied my brain into mush before the SAT, I prayed for very specific scores, which I did get just a little higher than. Then one day a little glimmer of light shone, I called to check on my finical aid process and the lady to whom I spoke made it sound like I had been accepted but said I "wasn't just yet"...then on Thursday (the 9th) my mother called me at work with the news. She asked if I was somewhere private and then told me that such and such college had called and that she had bad news. "I'm going to miss my little girl! You’re in!" I freaked a little while on the phone then after I talked to her for a few minutes I hung up and pretty much screamed, scaring everyone in the vicinity. I was in! My prayers had been answered! I was REALY going!

I will be leaving Texas August 8th. I am thrilled; all the right doors have been opened wide and the wrong ones have been locked tight. My path is clear. I am still in a state of shock at this time. As I clean out different places of my room and I think "one month...and I will never call this room mine again. I will never walk the halls of this house again in the same all is going to change in one month" it is a strange feeling. I can't explain it; it is very sweet but with a twinge of bitterness? I am moving on with my life but I am leaving many of my loved ones behind. I am leaving EVERY thing behind. The places I played as a child, the garden my mother and I tilled by hand when I was eight or so, the places my brothers and I grew up, played, and yes got in lots of trouble. My brothers have been my constant companions, what classmates are to those who attend public or private schools are those, my brothers have been to me. The city my grandmother lives in, the city I was born in, and of course some less than pleasant things that totally changed my life and set things in motion that, at the time, I had no idea would affect my adult life. The places my best childhood friend and I went on wild adventures and read books and poetry together that girl’s our age normally wouldn't. It still feels weird knowing that my days are numbered here…but it feels exciting and as if I am starting a new adventure! So much that I am leaving but so much is ahead.

Am I scared? Certainly! I have never been away from my mother and brothers for more than about a week. I will be responsible for my self. No one to say "Sydney, you forgot to eat today" or "Sydney, get a move on! You're running late!" and I will not be able to fall back on my mother when something goes wrong such as, I wore the wrong color blue skirt to work and I have to change or go home (or make a wrap skirt from some fabric and safety pins, yes...that did happen just this week). . I am stilling hold fast to God’s word and truths, in fact I would say over the last six months I have grown more than ever; in ways I cannot even explain. The courage to say “this MUST change and I MUST do this” and the faith that I had to have just incase things took a different direction. I do not think I have ever been this strong in my life. I still have a lot to learn and many ways to grow but I know that by me doing this it is like taking the limits of my development off and giving me all that I need to become the woman God has planned for me to be since my conception. Fear of what might happen if I go to college is not a valid excuse for me not to go. As many of you have heard “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” ~Ambrose Redmoon

I think this new turn of events will changed the focus on my blog a little. I think I will be posting more of daily life and college things. Maybe saving money and being frugal on a college budget? Planning time wisely? (If I learn this)
Things of that nature rather than as many spiritual things as before, Yes, I'll still write on those things but I feel as my life is changing and it is time for me to write more on other things

College is one of those issues that just add fuel to the fire of argumentation. So in advanced if you disagree, please, let me know if you feel the need to, just remember that I am saying what God would have ME do not what I think God would have YOU do. Each person must seek what God will is for them and not what others think they should do. I cannot stress that enough. Just because moving away is for me does NOT mean it’s for you. Just because staying home is for you does not mean it’s for me!

*post started on the 13th of July, Finished finished the 27th of July*

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wait for me as I wait for you

This is a very beautiful song that I think echos the wishes of every girls' heart. We wait and save ourselves for our future mate and while the church pushes the purity of the young ladies and how men find that a desirable trait they often fail to mention how we ladies want out husbands to have waited and save him self for us. Would you want to learn that your husband waited for you like you waited for him?

Rebecca St James - Wait For Me

Darling, did you know that I
I dream about you
Waiting for the look in your eyes
When we meet for the first time
And darling, did you know that I
I pray about you
Praying that you will hold on
And keep your loving eyes only for me

'Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling
Wait for me too
Wait for me as I wait for you
'Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling
Wait for me too
Wait for me as I wait for you
Darling wait

Darling did you know
I dream about life together
Knowing it will be forever
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
And darling when I say
" Til death do us part"
I mean it with all of my heart
Now and always faithful to you


Now I know you may have made mistakes
But there's forgiveness, and a second chance
So wait for me, darling wait for me
Wait for me
Darling wait for me


Monday, June 15, 2009

Stop the cookie cutting!

Cookie cutters, we've all seen them, we've all used them. They are great little things for making every single cookie the exact same way every time. I teach little kids, 3-7 year olds, so when I make cookies for those guys the cookies MUST BE THE SAME SIZE!!! IN THE NAME OF FAIRNESS. But, what about people...?

I have always been a "break the mold" person. I've always stood out, even when I tried to be like everyone else. You know the kid who always was the "weird one" but some how everyone still loved...yeah that was me. I am grateful that I never learned to fit any mold other than the one God made just for me.
I've never really matched up to what most people thought I should and to be honest, that is fine with me. The last year a lot of what I believe has changed, no I'm not about to say I am turning liberal, I've began to use the Bible as my bases rather than "oh, so many people say xyz so it must be true!" or " and so said it and they seem like such a godly person" or the one that I've most recently started having to change "oh, my parents say it so it automatically biblical". As I've bounced back and forth between these thoughts I've learned something: God speaks to each of us differently. Just because not wearing pants is right for you doesn't mean its right for me. Maybe God doesn't have a college education planned for you like He does for me. Let’s say that God wants you to live at home until your married...that’s not what He has for me. Head covering full time? Great, if that’s what God has for you, as for me just during worship. Not at all for you? Then praise God that you’re doing what He wants for YOU.

You CANNOT put the Christian life in a cookie cutter and say this is how it has to be! Now, duh, some things are; like salvation, through Christ's blood alone. Something we cannot earn and something we do not deserve, a free gift to all man kind who trust in His name alone. Baptism, after salvation only, not for babies. The Bible is the written word of God. Stuff like that. However many things aren't clear in the Bible, Mistake? Hardly, when God makes something vague it’s because he WANTS it vague. Why doesn't God say this is how you do this with everything in our lives? Because it’s different for each person in each generation. Maybe God wants a certain woman to become a doctor so she can later become a missionary’s wife and she needs that degree.
I know a couple that happened to. The wife went to college, had a great job before hand and when she went on the field that knowledge was greatly needed and used! I want to teach, I have for most of my life. Maybe God has a class full of children that He has great plans for, they just need some one to plant the seed and water it. Maybe God wants a certain girl to stay home and learn the ways of the house only and never get a "real job" or an education past high school. Maybe her children are going to change the world. What ever God has for you may not be the same for another family or even for a member of the same family

See why its impossible to say "this is the only way!". Often times when we say that it's not that it's the only way, but it is OUR way. Personally I am sick of being told that what I'm doing is wrong by people who hardly know me. They don't know anything about me. They hardly even know my family, yet they think that they have some sort of divine insight into my future and speak as if God told them "this is what I would have Sydney Smith do", yeah right. Now maybe those people have prayed for me and maybe they think that they know what is best for me. Now if they really did don't you think God would have told me or my parents that? Yeah, He would have. I have prayed for along time for God's leading. When I first started praying and people would ask what I was doing and I would say "I'm still praying about it...maybe stay home for college? I'm not sure" I got the response "well praise God your seeking His will" well when I started saying "I've prayed very hard and now God has lead me out of state for college" I get the "are you sure...are you old enough to make that kind of choice? What do your parents think?" as if some how when I sought God and it matched their plans of how I should be I was mature and able minded but when I sought God and was sure of what He wants and it doesn't match their plans then I am a child unable to know what God would have for me. What they really meant the first time “was praise God you match my mold of life!”
Yes, this does bug me. I am a born again believer, God speaks to me like he does you; God gave me a brain and a heart. God gave me the desire to seek His will and the ability to talk to Him about my future. God says "seek ye first the kingdom of God" Not seek ye first the opinion of some well meaning person who hardly knows you and is trying to force you into their own little box of how Christian girls should be. Yeah, there are risks. Yeah, I will fall and mess up, maybe big time; the safest place to be is in the center of God's will. I would rather risk going out of state and living on my own and be in God's will then stay home "safe" and not being in God's will but "safe".

So what am I trying to say? Stop trying to make people fit your little cookie cutter.
Stop telling parents that they fail at parenting because their child is different. That bugs me to no end, when people keep questioning my mother to why she is allowing me to go to college and if she’s sure that I'm right! Seriously people, cut it out. I have been very sweet and tried to be loving towards people who say stuff to me but if I see another person question my mother about my college choice I might end up referring them to this post.
If you have ignored God’s will for that of some well meaning person I want to encourage you to stop allowing people to “cookie cut” you. Seek God’s will…not man’s.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SAT and Etsy.

My SAT's are over! I am so so so so so so glad! I can finally sleep with out worry about wasting study time; Life is good again. I think I did pretty well, I knew a lot more than I thought I would. I'll find out for sure the 26th; Until then all I can do is finish up my transcript and mail it off to my college and then wait some more.

I'm doing some sewing for people to try and raise some extra money for college/car funds. Once I am done with that I'll be working on getting stuff back on my Etsy, I really let that go while studying for my SAT. So keep an eye out for those up-dates. Also, Beth is having a sale for her Etsy shop! Be sure to check out her beautiful creations! I am going to order two pairs of earrings! I was so happy to see surgical steel earrings since anything other than white gold, silver, or surgical steel gives me infections and turns my ears black! So anyways, be sure to check out her shop! My mom bought be a bracelet there awhile back I love it! All of her stuff is high-quality and just so cute!

Any suggestions of things that you would like to see in my shop? Suggestions don't mean that you'll buy anything :) just something that you think would be nice to see sold.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Young Maidens Day Book

June 1, 2009

Outside my window…
Is sunny and bright.

I am thinking…
How glad I am to be done with my school.

I am thankful for…
that I got to see my great grandmother saved before she passed away

I am wearing-
Denim and my old volleyball t-shirt

I am reading…
Dating with a purpose, the power of crying out the choice is yours, and the hounds of baskervilles.(again)

I am creating…
A baby sweater (just the sleeves left to go), a knitted cami, and soon a laptop cover.

One of my favorite things…
Wild flowers.

For education this week…
My SAT test.

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning...
Keeping school records more organized!

A spiritual lesson I'm learning...
That some times we just have to let go of worries and just relax.

A godly character trait I plan to work on…

Scripture I am memorizing…
Isaiah 40:9. Lift up your voice with strength, lift it up, be not afraid.

I'm praying for…
My SAT test. My moving to Ohio. My acceptance into my first choice college (already accepted to my second choice that is paired with my first choice so I can transfer to my first choice but rather just get into my first choice and skip the step of transferring)

For the rest of the week…
Studying, packing, and getting my laptop.

A picture I’d like to share...
My brothers, my best friend and I. We where sitting in the grass after my graduation and a mom of one of our friend's asked if we wanted a picture. The dress I'm wearing is the one I've been saying I've been working on for awhile. I finally finished it! I also made the white purse from some fabric I got from a friend for my 18th birthday. We are all squinting and tilting our heads funny because the sun was shining in our eyes.

Our loss is heavens gain.

As you all know I spent the end of last month in Ohio to see my great-grandmother who was in the hospital from a very nasty fall. As we were about to cross the Texas border on our way back home we got a call saying she had a small blood-clot but that she would be fine.
Later that week she got moved into rehab and was doing much better. Well two weeks later we where told she was back in ICU from an infection in her one kidney and various other problems; but that she was going to be fine once they got her hydrated again.

Then, on the 21st, right after my graduation rehearsal we got the call...she had passed away. We all were in shock, she had been doing better; no one really knew anything at that point but we went ahead and started planning out trip up there.
I tried to get out of my graduation so we could go up there sooner but no one would hear of that. My great-grandmother had always told me to be young while I can, to live life and to shine when it was my time to be in the light. So I went ahead and went through with my graduation.

As soon as it was over we started packing to leave the next morning for Ohio again. We got there Monday, the viewing was Tuesday, and the funeral was Wednesday. It was beautiful, during her time in the hospital, right after her fall, she confirmed her salvation. It was a glorious thought knowing that she was in heaven though her body was in front of us. After wards the whole family, people I had never even heard of before, poured into the tiny house for lunch and fellowship with one another. It was packed and noisy.
After everyone had left I sat outside with my granddad just sitting watching the world around us. At one point a little neighbor boy (about 6 or so) started talking to me. When I told him I was from Texas he just looked up at me and asked, with huge eyes, "Is that where cowboys are?" He then promptly told me to follow him because he wanted to show me his four-wheeler. After talking excitedly about his four wheeler and various other things in their carport he was ready for me to meet his family! I had grown up hearing about his Aunt, who was best friends with my great-grandmother, so little be known to this boy his family was tied pretty closely to mine. Giggling lightly I waited on their porch for him to get his mom. After a few minutes of light chit-chat I told him I had to get back to "my house" because my mom needed to go to the store. While I was gone he reportedly kept driving and walking in the open ally between the two houses waving wildly and screaming "hiii" all day. Kids are so cute. I can’t wait to see him again and maybe use this as a chance to Minster to some of the local kids. Most of the town seems to be Christian; the stores are all close on Sundays or at least closed during church hours. The windows are covered with Bible verses and various other Bible related things. I think I’m going to like it there for my summers.

So what else has been going on? Well not much! My SAT is this Saturday and I am more nervous then a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! Well I was, I've been praying for peace and that my nerves be calmed. I've been studying pretty hard core for the last month and a half which has helped my confidence but has also allowed me to put more stress on my self.
I'm going to keep taking practice tests clear up to Friday but I'm refusing to allow my self to stress the math section. I do not know everything that is on there. Making my self so tense and stressed will only harm me on the math I do know. Crying over and glaring at a math problem that I have no idea how to do will NOT help me at this point. So I will simply just take a deep breath try a few more time to see the problem from different angles, if I still cannot do it I will make a guess and move on.
I have done my best. I have done the official SAT question of the day. I have watched math videos. I have done word of the day. I have read and read and read. I have prayed. I have written practice essays. I have done study programs and just about everything else I can think of. I have done all I can do. It is God's hands now. I do NOT need to worry...I'm still trying to convince my self of this.
Please keep my SAT in your prayers. If anything hurts me it will be my nerves more than anything. I'm going to start doing "full length practice tests starting tomorrow". So instead of breaking the whole test up into different parts of the day or even over two days I'll be sitting down and following the official time. So it will take a good three and a half hours. Normally I would spend an hour or so testing then go do something else then come back an hour later and do some more. I'm hoping this will get me ready for the real thing.

All in all I am at peace with my life and future right now. I believe I am on the right path with my plans and goals. Life is good. God is great.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Only a few more days up north...for now.

Today we spent the day staying home instead of going to the hospital since a few of us have been feel unwell. According to the doctors great-grandmother had a rough night, none the less she will be moved into a temporary nursing home this coming week. After that we are praying that she will be able to move into a assisted-living home where she can stay with her husband and still hang on to her sense of dignity.

My grandmother is going to be renting a house up here starting next month and I will be moving in with her for the summer to help her adjust and get settled into her new house. I want to start her a garden and help turn the house into a beautiful home for her year round. We are both very excited and can't wait! I am taking my SAT June 6th and she has to place a 30 day notice at her job or we'd be moving up much sooner!

I wish I could write more and spend more time proof reading and checking my grammar a little better but we have 9 people staying in one tiny house...with one slowish computer so we all try to be considerate of others and allow each person time to check e-mail and such as needed. Still with so many people it is hard to have even a little bit of privacy. I would love to respond to my e-mails but time is lacking and I want to spend as much time as I can with the Aunt and Uncle I've meet for the first time in my life this week!

This Tuesday we will be leaving early in the morning to head home. I will be sad to say good-bye to every one and to the beautiful land but I know that in a few short weeks I will be coming back for the summer, just until college that is!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Great-grandmother update.

Today is our first full day in Ohio. My great-grandmother is doing much better. The bleeding in her brain has stopped and she has no broken bones as was first supposed. She looks pretty beat up but not near as bad as we all thought she would look.
She is coherent on and off, some times remembering who we are and other times thinking we are part of the hospital staff. Today has been better for her though. Most of what she said made sense and she seemed to understand that she can't go home just yet. Her husband still isn't all the way here. He knows she fell and is in the hospital but doesn't really "get" whats going on. Everything has been really hard on him. This morning was his birthday and he informed us it wasn't. We we told him that, yes it was, its May first, he said well if you say so and then later told us how hard it is to sleep at night with out your partner. He has been so sweet with her; holding her hand and gently stroking it with his thumb, just smiling at her very lovingly. He also knows that he won't be able to care for her once she is released from the hospital, which I'm sure is very sad for him. He has late stages of Alzheimer and dementia. So even if grandma was able to come back home he wouldn't be able to care for himself. There is so much that needs to planned and taken care of, I am grateful that the responsibility doesn't fall on me or my mother.

Thanks to all of y'all for your prayers.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Urgent prayer request

Late last night or early this morning my great-grandmother fell in the tub. She is now in ICU and they are saying now is the time for all the family to see her. Her husband has no memories of what happened and started to panic shortly after he called 911. Unknown to everyone here he has been suffering from dementia. We are about to head out to be with her and possibly say out good-byes. Please keep my mother, my grandmother, and I in your prayers as we make the long drive up to see her. Also for the family who is unable to see their great/grand/mother. Much of our family is unsaved so pray that this will be able to be a witness opportunity.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Broken and shattered you look to the skies desperate for the sun to brake from the dark dismal skies. The pain is more than you think you can bear, you scream and cry and beg "no more". It keeps on, relentless...ever grinding and breaking down. The ones who say that they'll never leave you, that they'll be there for you, are no where to be seen. Alone you break apart, brought as low as you can be. The breaking never ceases the sun refuses to shine. The tears pour yet the pain keeps on. You had a light at the end of the road but now its gone. All that you see ahead is darkness and more heart ache, you opened your heart up to love and life and it was crushed and bruised. Nothing to comfort you, nothing to hold on to except a promise that seems as if will never now come true. Yet you cling on, as the heart break beats upon you ever strong you wonder if all has been a lie. Was it ever true? Was it ever real? Why must this happen? The doubts the fears flood your heart trying to drown out all the love and yet you cling on with all your life, praying that the pain you feel isn't permanent. That the separation from love will cease, that the promises will be filled.

From the ashes in which you sit a voice softly whispers in your ear telling you that nothing matters anymore, that you where never loved and that you never shall be. You bite your lips and wrap your arms around yourself as if you might explode. Fighting the voices that speak your inner fears. You swear it was true and that its just a test, a trail and that the light will shine once again. You try to make sense of it all and fail. Hands over ears trying to block it out. Hands on your heart trying to calm it down. Then another voice appears and quietly says "you prayed that My will be done, that I use you for My glory" You sob back that you didn't want the pain. You asked for His love and grace, and swears He made some mistake. He softly and sadly says "this is the only way, I long to use you, mold you like clay but in this present state I can't, it’s painful, it takes time. The threshing of grain is never quick. Beat upon beat, stroke upon stroke and then after that grinding into the finest power, that too my love takes pain. Then the refiner’s furnace, purifying you into something of beauty but this my love takes fire. There are no short cuts to being shaped; brokenness is the price you must pay. As glass is shattered into a million pieces before the completed stained glass picture in all it wonder can be seen, so must be your heart and will. My child I know it hurts but it is the only way."

The tears still flow you see no reason it must hurt so bad, you question the Maker insisting to know why He demands such things from you. With a soft loving smile He gently says "for others you are broken in special ways, I've allowed all this pains and all this hurts so you can show others the Way. There are people only you can reach I've allowed this hurt and suffering to make you into something love it is the only way. I must break you, mold you, shatter you, and twist you; you will suffer all alone at times. The pain will feel unbearable at times. You will not see the clear blue sky for days. You will feel as if your dreams will never come true. The things I’ve promised will seem as if they will never happen. You’ll want to question everything. Nothing will seem right. You will be forced to suffer all alone. You will think all others have forsaken you; as if I have forsaken you but my child I am always here.
I long to give you the things for which you so earnestly pray but first I must make sure you know I am all you will ever need." With the feel of strong arms holding you close as you cry, you beg to be broken more, surrendering all to Him. His will be done is your loudest plea. You hush the other voices whispering their lies. He does love you. He does care. His promises are good. Though the way you seems unplanned the Good Shepard knows the path. You stand up and press on knowing this is how servants are made.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A long up-date

Sorry it has taken me so long to write on here. Life has been very busy around here, along with personal issues that I have been dealing with.

As you all know my mother recently had back surgery. Everything went very well and there are no complications at this present time. Today she was having some swelling at the surgical site so we went to see the doctor. He assured us that everything was more than likely fine and that she probably just tore a stitch under the skin or busted a capillary but as long as it wasn't bleeding or oozing and she was feeling fine and didn't have a high fever she would be just fine. She does have a very light fever however, about 99.6. The doctor isn't worried at this point and as long as nothing changes she should be great.

The day after her surgery was my 18th birthday! While she was still very sore and tired my mother was still able to get up and walk a little and watch me blow out the candles on my birthday cake. It has been so awesome to see her up and walking and slowly returning to her normal life.

Also, I've been preparing for college. I've applied to two out of state colleges. One is a two year college that I've been accepted to and the other is a four year that I won't hear back from until I take my SAT this June and they look over my scores. Please keep this is your prayers. Currently I am running around 690 on my critical reading, 620 on writing, and 400 on math. Obviously my math needs major work! I have a month and a half to work and get it up. I would like about a 600 in math as well, but a 500 would insure I won't have to take remedial math and I think guarantee me a spot at the college.

Currently I am dealing with a lot of person issues. Very tough ones that need a lot of prayer and help. Due to the nature of these issues I won't name them or mention anything about them. I have a lot to do in order to get everything worked out and it will be very hard to do everything that I must do. During the next few months I will greatly welcome any prayers y'all would lift up on my behalf. It feels like a huge mess and I know that I need to deal with this quickly and with much wisdom. How I respond to this will affect so much of my life and future. Prayer, study, and wise counseling is needed.
Hopefully I will be returning to my normal blogging habits shortly. So until next time, friends in the blog-o-sphere, please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Young Maidens Daybook

March 16, 2009

Outside my window…
I see trees starting to come back to life after a long cold Texas winter.

I am thinking…
How funny it is that yesterday I "sewed" my finger. I've been sewing since I was eight and I've never hurt my self sewing, yet here I am nearly eighteen and I've sewn my finger for the first time. It didn't hurt to much, it just shocked me really bad. For those of y'all who don't know, blood makes me very sick; the sight, the smell, the taste, and even the thought of it. I had my mom check my machine for blood before I went back to my room to resume my sewing.
I think I freaked the whole family out because I had turned so pale. As I had my mother check to make sure that when the needle broke it hadn't gotten lodged into my flesh, everyone else was staring at me as if I was about to keel over...maybe I looked like I was going to?

Some times it's nice to have your mother fret over you after you've been taking care of everything else.=]

I am thankful for…
All of the wonderful women at my church, who have been bringing dinners for our family to help make things run smoother on our busy days.

I am wearing…
A t-shirt and my pajama pants. It is just one of those days.

I am reading…
A Severe Mercy, Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights, His Chosen Bride, and I finished Peter Pan yesterday.

I am creating…
The same sundress.

One of my favorite things…
Walks in the park.

For education this week…
Writing skills! This is something I desperately need!

A keeper at home skill I am using…
Using my time wisely.(using those "small moments" effectively)

A spiritual lesson I’m learning…
I'm trying to learn not to worry so much.

A godly character trait I plan to work on…
Memorizing scripture, how can I tell my "kids" that they need to hide His word in their hearts if I'm not doing the same thing?

Scripture I am memorizing…
Colosssians 4:5-6 "Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be always with grade, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man."

I am praying for…
My mother's back, she meets with the surgeon next Tuesday to go over the different options.

For the rest of the week…
Cooking, cleaning, school, teaching, and choir.

A picture I’d like to share…

Taken last year in San Antonio on a trip I took with friends and family.
4/11/2008 (the day after my 17th birthday)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What has been going on

Life has been really busy the last few weeks! I never seem to have enough time in the mornings/afternoons and by night time I'm too tired to do much of anything. So whats been going on?

First of all my mother's back has gotten much worse, she has had several prolapsed discs in her lower back for about 8-10 years now. They have always given her problems but never anything this bad. She had an MRI two weeks ago and they showed fractures all over her lumbar vertebrae. I don't know all that is wrong but it is very serious. Today she is getting an injection that might help relax her muscles and help deaden the nerves enough that her body will be able to absorb the discs that are pressing on the nerves causing the pain. If this does not work then she will undergo surgery. This whole thing has been very challenging and stressful for all of us. Please keep our family in all y'all's prayers.

Yesterday was my allergy test. I found out that I'm allergic to several things; Ash trees, hickory trees, and dust mites. The hickory isn't that big a deal but the ash is. Our whole area is full of ash trees! I'm still going to be taking a daily allergy medicine just to help keep everything clear and running smoothly. I personally hate taking medicine for anything unless I really have to but I guess this is one of those times.
So how does allergy testing work? It's really simple and kinda cool. First they number your back, so they know what spots are what. Second they have a little plastic thingy with barbs on it, the barbs have drops of different allergens on the tips. Thirdly they take a little 'caterpillar' as they call it and press it into your skin. This doesn't hurt to bad, it's just really uncomfortable! Then you wait. I think I had to wait about 15 minutes for the results. If you are allergic to something the pricks swell up and react to the liquid that was on the barbs. It's neat how this all works and the doctor gave me some sheets to read about how allergies really work "in case I got bored" he said...HA! He had no idea as soon as we got in the car I started reading the pages! It's not his fault I'm a homeschooling book nerd. To be honest those papers were really really interesting to read!

So to sum this all up I just ask for lots and lots of prayers for my mother's back. God bless you all.

-edited for grammar 03/12/09-

Monday, March 2, 2009

A young maiden's day book

March 2, 2009

Outside my window…
Dark skies, it is 9:26 after all!

I am thinking…
That I wish I was feeling better

I am thankful for…
My family

I am wearing…
Denim and a green t shirt

I am reading…
A huge list...My desk has a big pile of books... this is pretty normal for me though.

I am creating…
A sundress and a pair of socks

One of my favorite things…
Smiles. I love seeing people smile

For education this week…
Same ol' same ol'. Gotta do some more graduation stuff.

A keeper at home skill I am using…

A spiritual lesson I’m learning…

A godly character trait I plan to work on…
Patience and waiting on Gods timing not mine

Scripture I am memorizing…
Nothing right now

I am praying for…

For the rest of the week…
Work, cooking, graduation pictures, prom dress alterations, choir, and allergy testing.

A picture I’d like to share…

This is a picture I took last month at the pond.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stepping out

This month I will be taking on a very daunting task...I'll be doing the cooking, meal planning, coupon matching, and grocery shopping for the next month. For the most part by my self.

For my twelfth grade math credit we're doing our own little program. A mix of business math, consumer math, and how to know if your really getting a good deal on something. Most of this I've already been helping my mum with but now I'm boldly stepping out on my own! Not only does this count as a math credit, its great practice for when I'm not living at home anymore, whether or not I'm married.

So here is what I have planned!

Sunday: Chicken Pot-Pie! Wonderful for a chilly day like today!

Monday: Salad and sandwiches. Fast and easy for our busiest day of the week.

Tuesday: Pork Marsala. One of my many favorites, I rather it with chicken but my dad gets bored if we have the same meat to often.

Wednesday: Rosemary lemon chicken with roasted potatoes.

Thursday: Tacos. A instant hit amongst the whole family.

Friday: Greek chicken. (This is so so so so amazing I could eat a ton of this stuff!)

Saturday: Pizza. As my father says, Pizza should be a weekly event! It sure tastes good but it is a mess to clean up after making them.

If you want a recipe for any of the above meals, just leave a comment asking for them! I'll be happy to share if anyone wants one!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pay it forward.

I won the pay it forward over at Young Homemakers!
Since I was one of the three winners I get to host my own 'pay it forward'!

So here's how its gonna work:

The first three people to comment on this post will win a homemade prize from me! I have to get it in the mail within 365 day's. I will get it in the mail sooner that that though, long as a hurricane doesn't hit the post office...or an elephant doesn't crush the prizes...or any other horrific catastrophe doesn't occur...count on it coming sometime within the next month.

Now, the three people who win a prize, MUST host a 'Pay It Forward' on their blog. They will send a homemade gift to the three people who won and so on.

So what are ya waiting for? Leave a comment!

Friday, February 20, 2009

One year of being a curly girl.

This time last year I started an experiment! I was to do something bold and daring, something that, if I had told my friends and family before hand, they might have questioned my sanity. I was going to embrace my natural hair…no more flat ironing it every single day, no more hiding it in a ponytail, no more anything that would hide what God put on this head of mine!

Here is how it looked the first two weeks

I'm still unable to find a picture of my hair straight and down. I'm thinking of straightening it tonight just to do it and to take a picture for y'all.

Before I show the "now" pictures I want to share what going curly has taught me. I'm sure some of y'all are thinking "yeah right what can hair teach some one", well I'll tell you. First of all it has taught me acceptance.
Accepting my self the way God made me, not the way my friends look or how Hollywood thinks some one should look. What first got my into this horrid cycle of frying my hair into submission was none other than my best-friend. She was beautiful; she and everyone who saw her knew it. Little did I know she had curly hair! Until one day, it rained. Her hair looked just like mine, slightly frizzy and poofy. Then one day, before a youth event at our church, I went to her house to hang out. That was when the self inflicted abuse started. In my best friends bedroom. As skilled as she was with that flat iron it still took an hour- hour and a half! All the compliments that night left me sure of one thing. Straight has was good. My hair was bad.
While she was not to first person to straighten my hair she was the person who got me into doing to daily.

Second it taught me that being different is okay. Really, it is. Here I was 13 and already hating every thing about my body simply because my best friend did. I was short and skinny with "that" hair as people called it. I wore glasses and was clumsy. Some how I always blamed my hair on my misfortunes. Most of my friends were Mexicans with dark skin, hair, and eyes. I was white, boy was I white, with bright hair and bright eyes. Needless to say I stuck out! I tried everything to blend in but in time I realized that maybe God didn't want me to blend in. Maybe I'm God's "sore thumb"...OK lame joke but ya get the idea. I stuck out.

Thirdly, Beauty is more than what is on the outside. Yes the outside does count a little, but loving your self for who you are is what beauty really is! A truly beautiful person not only accepts how she looks but how those around her looks. She thinks others are pretty and lets them, in a sincere and honest way, lets them know

As strange as it seems the one thing that I swore was ruining my life is now the one thing that every single day people compliment and notice. I get asked all the time "do you hate your hair?" "My daughter has curly hair like yours but she flattens it every day! What do you do to your hair?" To this I smile and tell them how I use to hate my hair but I learned to love it by accepting it. While this may not be a purely Biblical based thought itis so true, If you love your "faults" then those close to you will learn to see them as your "trade mark". I can't say it enough, being happy with how you look is the first step to being truly beautiful. I deal with the doubts every single day just like y'all. "Am I to skinny, is my nose to big, are my eyes to big, am I to short, is my hair out of control etc. etc. etc." In the end I always end up closing my eyes and thanking God for how He "fearfully and wonderfully knit me in my mother’s womb". I may not always like what I see but I know God does, and that does count for something.

OK back to hair. Here is the method! You can also find this on Wikipedia
I found out about the method the YLCF site. Here is their translation of how to get your curl on.

Curly Care
the Curly Girl Way!

"My philosophy is, `Blow-dry straight, you're happy for a day; stay curly, you're happy for life.'"
-Lorraine Massey to The Toronto Star

So how does a Curly Girl care for her curls? Lorraine Massey's curly care principles include:

* don't use shampoo (except if you're a wavy girl, and then only a little bit once a week)
* never blow-dry your hair (unless you use a diffuser)
* never comb your hair
* use lots and lots of conditioner

Curls needs lots of moisture (think conditioner) to maintain their curl. But the main ingredient in most shampoos is a harsh detergent (such as sodium laurel sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate), which dries out your curls (making them frizzy to boot!).

As Lorraine Massey told New York Times, "The curly-haired can leave their hair hydrated with natural oils and clean their scalps quite well by rinsing only with hair conditioner once a week or less. Rubbing the scalp firmly with fingers is enough to loosen dirt."

The Basic Steps of Curly Care

1. Step under the "waterfall" of your shower and rinse your curls well (but don't touch them!).
2. Once-a-week Cleansing Step: Using your fingertips and a bit of conditioner (gentle shampoo if you're a wavy girl), gently rub your entire scalp. Rinse well.
3. Gently but generously and evenly distribute conditioner through your curls. Wavy Girls, rinse well. Botticelli Curly Girls, rinse 'til your curls feel right. Corkscrew Curly Girls, rinse for just a second. (Rinse with cold water to "seal" the hair shaft.)
4. Use your towel to "scrunch-dry" your curls, gently scrunching towards your head.
5. Spread a small amount of gel over your palms and scrunch your curls in an accordion motion. Repeat until all your curls have been scrunched (scrunching the canopy last), but don't over-gel!
6. Use claw clips to arrange and style your curls (click here to see examples), twisting any last curls into place. Then don't touch your hair while it dries! (Use a diffuser on the coolest, lowest setting if you must speed the process.)
7. Bend over and shake your dried curls to give them more volume. Enjoy your soft, springy curls!

Extra Tips

* Thin your conditioner by adding water to the bottle and shaking well, in order to allow for a more even distribution of the conditioner throughout your hair with less to rinse out.
* Blondes, mix lemon juice with your conditioner to eliminate product buildup and discoloration of your hair.
* Use a mustard-like squeeze bottle with nozzle to cleanse or treat your roots only.
* Use cold water, especially on the last rinse, to “seal” the hair (hot water strips the natural oils that protect your hair).
* Hang in there for at least three weeks. You may have to wean yourself off shampoo gradually, as it takes a bit for your scalp to adjust, so shampoo a bit if you must, but don’t give up yet! Curly hair is happy hair!

My changes to the method:
My hair is to long and thick for the clipping method to really work with out giving me a killing head ache, so when I have an important day or I just have some free time in the morning I do what is called "plopping". Here is a very helpful video on how to do it; while Jessi calls it "plunking" it is still the same thing, just a difernt name. Sometimes, when I'm rushed on the weekends, I will wash my hair after work on Saturday nights and plop it while I sleep or at least for part of the night!
I also use baby shampoo or a this natural shampoo instead of cutting it out all the way.

For those who are older or have your parents permission check out the curly girl forums for helpful tips! When I first started Naturally curly's site was extremely helpful and encouraging! Thanks guys!

OK, so for the now pictures.

I'm not saying that straightening your curly hair or curling your straight hair is wrong. You just need to learn that there is nothing wrong with your hair the way it is naturally.
Sometimes I straighten mine; some times I’ll curl it a little more for concerts when it is looking a little flat. So, for the sake of your hairs health, please, practice moderation! If you do use a flat iron or curler, make sure you use some sort of a protecting product on your hair first. I use this. It works wonderfully and doesn’t take a lot, it doesn’t even leave a film on my hair the next day!

So, if your an incognito curly girl, give this a whirl, the looks on peoples faces will be worth it when they first see what your hair really looks like. Be warned your friends will want to touch it! A lot! My first few weeks where kinda crazy. At choir my hair would get touched and played with though rehearsal. So be ready for your friends and family's' shock. Oh yes, and for brothers to throw stuff at the back of your hair to see if it sticks in your curls... or to randomly flick your hair...or pull a curl just to watch it bounce back...gotta love em =]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Encouraging manlyness in our brothers.

Gentlemen are the kind of husbands that most girls want, but who is encouraging the boys of today to be the men of tomorrow? Yes, the parents are but honestly most boys will act the way girls encourage them to act.
If a boy does some stupid bone-headed stunt and gets female attention more than likely he will do this more to receive praise of the opposite sex. If a boy gets attention from lewd jokes and sexually derogative comments from girls he will learn that this is how you get a girl to notice you!
Sure, his parents tell him that girls don't like it up the girls are telling him something far different by their actions!

So what can we, as tomorrows women do to encourage the men of tomorrow to become true gentlemen? Please remember that not all of these are proper to use on males outside your family, as it may be seen a flirting or you may seem to have a romantically inclined interest in him when you may simply be trying to build his manners.

One: Wait for him to open the door for you. I will often wait outside the door for my brother to open it for me. Now if his hands are full I will open it for him but in general I allow him to. Of course I am able to open it my self, but it makes him feel like a good guy and shows him that I appreciate his good manners.

Two: Ask him to carry heavy objects, unless he is physically unable. I have two brothers, A 16 year old who is much bigger than I and a 13 year old who is about the same size maybe a tad smaller. Now my 16 year old brother loves to show off his manliness around me. He'll open jars that I can't, open the door, take out the trash if its dark out or at least walk with me, and countless other things.
It may seem like I'm being lazy or that I'm pushing work off onto him but he loves it! He honestly gets upset with my mother and I when we carry heavy stuff instead of asking him to help up! I'm not saying have your brother or father do all the physical work but now and then ask them for help and watch their manly ego grow as they embrace their God given role.

Three: Encourage polite speech, not only by reminding them that it is not polite to speak harshly to women, as well as to men, but also by speaking the way a lady should. I have two teenage brothers so I know how hard this can be, especially when they go around singing "That song" or quoting "that", yeah it can be hard to speak nicely. If, heaven forbid, they make a comment that praises or accepts poor treatment to ladies, just tell them that girls hate it and not only that but that its simply not right. I am not a feminist, I'm not talking about poor treatment as in equality of the sexes but as in men pushing or using women, talking lewdly about the way they dress, or even just being hateful and vile.

Four: Make clear what acceptable behavior towards girls is.
When they hold the door open for you, thank them. If they compliant your outfit or the way you look thank them and tell them how good it makes you feel. Any charteristcs that you would want in your husband praise them in those areas. When they play with a child or help a mother with something tell them what a great trait that is for a man. Let them know that they are wonderful! Don't be quick to jump all over them when they do something wrong but fail to uplift when they do something right.

Five: Ask their opinions and listen to their thoughts. "Which shoes do you like better with this dress" or if you are cooking "would you taste this for me". Value their thoughts. Talk to them. Communication is very important in all relationships, if your brothers are unable to tell you what they like and what they think in a proper way how will they do so with their wives?

Six: Let them protect you. Often times when we are out and about if they notice a guy looking at me or sometimes they come up and try and start up a conversations my brother will walk up and just stand there...watching the guy. Once your old enough to be in a relationship and your in the right setting I'm sure this would be very annoying but in public, at 17, and since I'm not interested in them it is very nice. Again, tell your brothers that you’re glad they are watching out for you. They cannot read your mind. They do not just know that your glad they are doing this for you.

Seven: Pray for them. Daily. Pray for them the way you would want your future husband’s family to be praying for him.

While I know that it is the parents’ job to raise the children I think that we, as sisters, can help encourage our brothers. You never know, your future sister-in-law might be doing this for your will-be-husband.

Not only is this good for your brothers, it is good for your future husband, if the Lord gives you one.

In “authentic Beauty” By Leslie Ludy there are, I believe, three sections written by her husband about “studying manhood”. Those passages are very insightful how guys think; one of them is about this very topic, encouraging guys to godly manhood. If you read this book for no other reason those three sections are worth getting the book for. While I do not understand the male mind, those sections do give some ideas about bringing out the best in man by being the type of ladies the Lord wants us to be.

Note: My brothers are wonderful and when I speak about lewd and vile behavior in boys I am not speaking about them. Those are simply traits I have observed in other boys. Not my brothers.

So...your homeschooled...

This is one of the many questions I get asked all the time. When I work in the mornings/early afternoon during in the week I get that condemning stare from people who try to pose their question as merely curious, yes I know some people are really just wondering but there are those who just want to try and start something. Here's how they ask "so how old are you? You don't look old enough to be out of school" 'oh I'm not I'm home schooled' "oh...I thought...never mind, that is neat". I even had one lady flat out ask me if I was a single mother or high school drop out!

When I was much younger and my mother would take all three of us out shopping we'd get stares and every one asking "why aren't your kids in school??". Now, most people ask "Do y'all homeschool?" Its kind of neat how its becoming more accepted but there still are a few people who just don't get what homeschooling is.

Common misconceptions about homeschoolers:

1. Their educational weakness is because they are homeschooled!
When anyone sees my handwriting or spelling, they automatically assume that it is because I'm homeschooled. When I find out a public schooler is bad at,say, reading, I don't say "oh well, he goes to public school its to be assumed", no we realize that its his or her weakness. People need to see homeschoolers weaknesses the same way.

2. They never ever ever leave the house.
OK this one is slightly true. I do not go out and hang out with friends a lot, but I do have other things I do. I work and I sing in a homeschool choir and do a lot of stuff with them.
I use to take art, drama, was in two choirs, violin and even ballet until the kicked me out for being oh so clumsy and ungraceful. I also use to volunteer at the public library until my work schedule forced me to stop, also a food pantry until we changed churches and I was no longer welcomed there.

3. Homeschoolers are geniuses!!!
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, that is my favorite! Some homeschooled kids may be exceptionally smart but I'm not one of them.

4. They don't get along with the outside world!
This one makes me giggle, I am a very social person. I enjoy talking to and being around others, Yes even non-homerschoolers. I know that they can't help they go to a brainwashing facility that is paid for by the government five days a week. -sigh- Ok, lame joke but still, you get the point. MOST HOME SCHOOLERS ARE SOCIABLE! Some of aren't but some of the public school kids aren't either!

Here are some videos about homeschoolers that make me laugh, and hopefully will make you as well.
You might be a homeschooler if... Its kinda funny...most of these apply to me and my family.
If you are more conservative with your music you might want to mute this one.
Homeschooler Song Who is scarier? Homeschoolers? Or "out-siders" that make videos of us?

The other
homerschooler song!

Diagnosis: Homeschooler

This post was not meant to educate anybody about how homeschooling works. It was purely because I got bored! When I get close to graduation I will be post about why I like homeschooling and why I think its better then public/private schooling.

Anyways, I'm off to get ready for church!
Peace out fellow "homies"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What I've been working on

The past few days have been very busy!
Saturday was teachers training at church from early morning to mid afternoon and afterwards I had to go to work.
Sunday was church and I finished my quilt top.
Monday was work in the morning to late afternoon and then school all night.
Tuesday was cold and icy; I spend the day doing school and reading about scholarships for college. I also made some bags for my etsy! I do not have very much listed right now but I'm slowly making stuff up to add!

I have some left over fabric from my own quilt so I'm going to make a baby quilt! Also my mother and I are going to be making pin cushions and other cute things so keep an open eye for future items!

This quilt is going to be a rag quilt.
This quilt is going to be a rag quilt. A rag quilt is sewn with inverse seams and then the seams are clipped very close to stitch line every half inch or so. Then the quilt is washed in hot water a few times so the seams fray and look soft and fluffy. I've never made one before but a couple of older ladies were in Joann's one day telling me all about them and encouraged me to try! These ladies came in about once a week not only with updates on their quilt but also about their grandsons...I guess they thought that a granddaughter-in-law that could sew would be nice I don’t know, but anyways, they inspired me to try my hand at this!

Here is a close up on the clipping I have to do all over the top.

These are the Eco-green shopping bags I've made so far. I had my eye on these fabrics for a long time but was never sure what to make out of them! Then I decided shopping bags so I had an excuse to go buy some cute fabric! I love the dresses on the red and pink bags!

The piggies are my personal favorite!

All of them can fold up like this to fit in a purse to make sure you always have a green
alternative to plastic bags right at hand!

Also bed for little miss kitty that I finished a week or two ago.

Sadly dear little Izzy's life here may not be permanent. The last few months have been hard on my allergies. The beginning of this month I spent a few days in bed because they got so bad. I can hardly wear my contacts which is a drag for two reasons, one, my current glasses make me look really dorky. Two, they are very uncomfortable. Come July when I get my eyes recheck there are a really nice pair of glasses that I want to get instead of contacts. They are frameless around the lenses and the part that keeps them on is very discrete and blends in very well with my hair and skin color. Any ways back to the kitten, I want to get tested before I give away my little one. She's so sweet...most of the time...and is very fun to play with. Even the dog likes her. The down side is she likes to eat thread and tries to attack sewing machine needles as we sew. My mother and I have both ruined projects because of her. If we lock her out of the rooms she gets on the table and knocks stuff over so it’s very hard to get any sewing done. She also likes yarn...she loves chewing and has a fetish for knitting needles whilst I knit. Over all she hardly fits our life style as far as my mother's and my work. The other problem is when I start college in a few months. I'll be gone almost all the time so my mother would have to watch her which is impossible to do while working. I'm glad that we were able to save her and her brothers life and that I was able to raise her into some what decent cat but I think that its time to give her to some one that can give her all the love and attention that she will need. While I dote on her when ever I can it’s rarely enough to keep her out of trouble. Sadly I think I will be saying good bye to Miss Pretty Kitty as my brothers call her. This is the longest we've kept any strays or abandoned animal that we've found before and now I know why my parents always told us not to get to attached to our little visitors. I already know someone who will take her when the time comes. I'm just delaying the inevitable.

Anyways, I need to work on my typing for school and start my baby quilt. If you are having any wintry weather as we have been drive safe and keep warm.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting closer now!

Graduation is so very close! We had another planning meeting Thursday night! I was sick but I went anyways, I'm glad we did because we picked the color of our gowns! We picked white but one of the mothers suggested changing it because she doesn't like white gowns. So if we decide not to do white it will be emerald green! The church we're graduating in is mainly blue so we knocked out that color cause, come on, who wants to look like one of the chairs!

Since none of the 5 graduates really know each other the first meeting was kinda strange and was mainly five teenagers sitting in a basement looking at each other grinning shyly. Thankfully this did not last long. The only thing we decided that night was that burgundy gowns was a huge NO-NO; I shocked my self by blurting out my passionate dislike for this color when asked what colors I was against but every one agreed with me very quickly; I think this was the main ice breaker. After that we played some games like catch phrase, bluff, and spoons. All in all it was a very fun and though unproductive night in planning the graduation it was useful to getting to know each other. Including my self there are four ladies and also there is one gentleman.

The date and location is set but that is about it! I still have my pictures to take and invitations to make up! Oh yeah, and finishing all the school work! At the rate I'm going I should be done the first week of May, only two weeks before we all march down the aisle, wearing white gowns. Ok, that does sound a little wedding-y but oh well!

I want my personal theme verse to be JEREMIAH 29:11 "29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. "
I'm not sure what color I'll do my invitations in or what color the cake will be. I want to bake the cake my self and have a lady I know decorate it! She makes masterpieces! Since my artistic hand is lacking a steady grip it is best I don't try to do it my self.

As far as physical appearance for graduation night; Make up is an easy thing to deal with being I don't wear any! My hair, I might just ask a friend help me pin part of it up with some pretty but simple little flower gems and leave it most of the way down. Random up-date my hair is about four maybe five inches from hitting my waist again! Its been a while since it was that long and I'm hoping it will be very close to my waist come May. Anyways back to graduation!
I could really just jump up and down!I'm so excited!
MJ has been great a great friend during my Senior year and started a great site for the class of 2009
Be sure it check it out and if your a Senior this year at least go over and read the bios of your fellow seniors, it might be an encouragement to you!

School left to finish:

Half of twelfth grade writing and grammar.
A few more books for Civics and British literature. I love Sonlight!
Human anatomy, I had to drop Physics, the math was way above my level.
A paper on either "How I plan to change the world" or "Can one person really change the world?". I didn't get to pick the topic but still, it will be interesting.

Since I didn't take the PSAT's or the SAT's I have to attended a junior college my first year at least. Being that junior colleges are much cheaper I might stay for two years and get all my basics out of the way then transfer to the main college to finish my degree. I'm still not sure where I plan to finish off my education but the junior college is all picked out!

Please pray for my dear mother during this time. I know she will be under a lot of stress with trying to get the graduation done and she wants to do a party for my 18th birthday come April. Also there are colleges to check out and transcripts to form! I know I'll be under pressure but its nothing like what she will be going through!

So, other seniors, what have you planned so far? Those who have all ready finished school what was your last semester like? Share your story!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is here

2009, Wow. The past year has gone by so fast! This year is going to be one of much learning, I already know that. One where much in my life will change. I'm finishing high school, heading to college, buying a car soon, and growing up.

The past year was a wonderful one. As some of you know two years ago we changed churches. When we did so I was very upset and swore I would never be happy there. But last year proved me wrong, as did the year before that. As our second "anniversary" rolls around this Sunday, I am reminded yet again of how the good Lord works in my life.

Some things that I have learned this past year:

1. Complaining really doesn't help the problem, it just makes you feel worse in the end.
2. If something is worth doing it is worth doing correctly...the first time.
3. Don't sweat the small stuff. Not everything goes the way it was planned, learn to let some things go.
4. Pick your battles wisely. You don't need to give your two cents in every argument. Some times just smiling and walking away is the wisest thing to do.
5. Brokenness is beautiful. The Lord can work masterpieces with broken lives.
6. That a simple smile can lift a down trodden heart.
7. Praise matters. We often are quick to complain about things but how quick are we to praise when good things happen?
8. Family is more important then friends.
9. That person who said something rude to you might have just been having a bad day, give them the benefit of the doubt. They might just be a good friend waiting to happen.
10. God is always good. A lady once told me that nothing happens in our life with out God's "stamp of approval". That "bad" thing in your life is happening for a reason. God allowed it. God is always good. God is always God.

I could go on and on but I think those are the main things that I've been shown this past year.
Like most people I did make New Year resolutions.

1. Read my Bible more in depth.
2. Wake up earlier. I'm a night person so this one is hard for me.
3. Speak kinder words to my brothers. Even when my blood sugar is low and I get very moody.
4. Do more of my own sewing.
5. Spend more time thinking of others.
6. Be more thankful.
7. Fill my hopechest. Hope chest?
8. Exercise daily.
9. Post at least weekly on here.
10.Graduate high school =]

Some things I want to learn to do or simply make the time to do this year:

1. Knit a sweater
2. learn a foreign language.
3. Learn to make soap.
4. Get my own business out of the 'dream' stage and into real life!
5. Learn to make a good button hole. Trust me, its harder than you think.

I know this is so very late but I sort of hit a writing dead end.I was told that my writing needed some work and that my grammar was very poor. I know that my grammar needs work but it is something that I struggle with and also something that I have been working on. Rather then letting this slide like I should have I got upset and didn't want to write for awhile. I am now over this and will be blogging regularly again. Forgive me for allowing such a petty thing prevent me from sharing this.