Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Doctor vist

Greetings one and all!
Today I went to the doctors mainly just for a check up but also to ask about some of the problems I've been having with my blood sugar. It was my mother that told the doctor because at the last minute I decided that I wasn't sure I wanted to tell her less they made me take a fasting glucose test. Well we talked for a while about it and she said that it sounded like it was my blood sugar; she then told me that she would ask the other doctor if he thought that I needed to take a fasting glucose test. She came back in and told me that, yes they wanted me to take one.
For those of you that don't know what a fasting glucose test is, its where you go a certain about of time with out eating or drinking anything but water, then you go to a lab and they take some blood and measure how much glucose is in the blood. In some cases they make your drink a mixture (from what my mother told me it taste NASTY) and then make you wait and hour or two then the take more blood and compare. I (praise God) only have to have my blood drawn once!
I am slightly nervous but I'm trying not to think about it to much. My dad joked that they cut your arm to get the blood, even though I know that they don't do that it did nothing to calm my nerves. I personally like for my blood to stay INSIDE my body and one of the few things that make me feel sick is my own blood, if its someone else my compassion rules out the gross factor, but when its comes to seeing my own blood I rather not.
So please pray for me tonight and tomorrow, mainly for calmness. I know that nothing serious is going to happen but I'm still not looking forward to the whole "ordeal"
I pray that you all have a wonderful evening!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tips for clearer skin

This is the first of what I hope to be semi-regual post on health/beauty tips.
The first one shall be on clearer skin.

Many of us have suffered from acne at least once, if you haven't then your very blessed and I'd love to have you genes! I don’t have perfect skin but over the last month I have found ways to keep my skin clean and clearer.
The main thing NOT to do is don’t mess with them. A bad pimple can take 8 days or so to heal BUT if you mess with it can take three weeks or more!
Drinking allot of water is also very important and one of the easiest things to do to improve you skin. Eight glasses is the recommended amount of daily water intake. I'm sure you've all heard that eating chocolate and French-fry means you'll break out, this is not true as long as that's not all you’re eating. If you eat a balanced diet of healthy food and eat things like chocolate and greasy foods sparingly then more than likely it won't make you break out. Eating veggies and fruits are wonderful for the skin because they supply the body with the things it needs to control oil production and to keep you feeling great.

Here are a few quick tips.
~Do not touch your face, this spreads oil and will cause breakouts.
~Change your pillow case often to prevent oil and bacteria from spreading from your face to you pillow case and then back to your face.
~Pull your hair back off your face at night; even if its just a headband or loose ponytail. You hair will run against you face and get not only your hairs oil on your skin but also what ever product you used in your hair.
~When your doing your hair be careful not to get hairspray on you face, this can cause majoir problems. Cover you face with one hand while you spray to prevent getting it all over your face.

One thing that I had to do to keep my skin clear is stop wearing makeup. I have nothing against make-up I enjoyed wearing it but it caused my skin it break out, even when I tried "light" and "clean" make-up. If you don’t want to give up make-up then try to cut back on how much you use. Give your skin a break every so often and go natural! I've never worn foundation but I've been told that it’s very bad for your skin because it can clog your pores; if you do wear it be sure to wash your face before bed! Another way to help cut down on make-up caused acne is to wash your powder brushes/poofs once a week. The shelf life of powder is about six months after that time its best to throw it out, bacteria can be transferred from your face to your brush to you make up that over time will grow in your makeup which in turn will get on your face and cause blemishes.

If choose to go with out makeup be warned that the first little bit you’ll more than likely feel weird and you’ll feel very self aware about every “fault” but after about a week and half you’ll notice a difference in your skin. I’ve been tempted to wear powder since I stopped wearing make-up last month but my skin has cleared up so much! A tip to remove redness is to put a few drops of eye drops on the affected area and in a few minutes the redness will be greatly reduced! Ice also will bring down the swelling and will reduce the size in about 2 minutes. If you have a shine problem oil blotting sheets work great for absorbing the oil and they only take 3 seconds to wipe over you face! Be sure to wear a little lotion with SPF to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Every morning after I wash my face I apply face lotion, if you have dry skin then your face will try to produce more oil to moisturize you body and may cause break-outs. I have combination skin so I don’t know how people with oily skin should apply lotion but I'm sure you can look it up online and read up on you skin type for more details.

It’s best to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. I use Noxzema in the morning and at night I use a mixture of witch-hazel and tea tree oil to tone and clean my face. I've tried many differnt products over the years and nothing seems to work as well as witch hazel. Another great product that’s all natural is Acne no more by Forces of Nature. This is applied only on pimples (not the whole face) and normally clears them up in 2-3 days.

Acne can be embarrassing, trust me I know, but it shouldn't stop you from feeling great about your self. The most beautiful girl with the clearest skin is far from pretty if she doesn't have a good heart. So even if you do have to deal with acne, as I do, remember that it’s simply a fact of life and that it’s truly what’s on the inside that counts. So show that pretty heart and let your love for Christ shine for the world to see.

1st Peter 3:3-4 “whose adoring let it not be the outward adoring of plaiting of the hair, the wearing of gold, or of the putting on of apparel; but let the hidden man of the heart in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quite spirit, which is in the sight of God a great price.”

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

True Beauty

What is beauty? Sharon Hersh, author of "Mom, I feel fat" sat down with 25 middle school aged girls and asked them to "describe the perfect girl" Their response, in order of importance, where as follows:
Has big breast
Has a boyfriend
Straight white teeth (no braces!)
Has her own car
Doesn’t have zits
Has her own phone

Who do we know who fits all of those? Barbie. Only one I can think of. That’s what middle schoolers said was the perfect girl. Notice most of them are how the girl would look? True beauty does not start on the outside, it starts with the heart. I'm sure we've all seen a pretty girl and thought how nice she looks and gone up to talk to her, but once we got to know her we realize that her heart is corrupt. On the other hand I'm sure we've all seen a "plain" girl and gone up to talk to her and her smile overwhelms up, its lights up the whole room and her eyes sparkle with the joy of the Lord. This kind of girl possesses an inner beauty. People like that make me feel loved and makes me want to smile. They make you feel like you’re important. Theres is a song that has a chorus of "I saw Jesus in you, I saw Jesus in you, in the words that you spoke, in the things that you do, I saw Jesus in you". Those are the people to whom I am pulled to the most.

One of best friend when I was first starting high school was very beautiful, boys flocked her and flirted and teased and fawned over her. When I got to know her better I realized how unsure of her self she was, she felt ugly and was always trying to show off her body and her looks. She always talked about how fat and how ugly she was around people to get them to say that she wasn't. The girl was 5'4 and only about 110 pounds and still she felt fat, she never could loose wait so she just complained about it and didn't go to any extremes thankfully. She was beautiful on the out-side but her insecurities and fears and self-hate made her heart, the part of her that truly was the most wonderful thing about her, hide from the world and from most people.

So what is true beauty? The joy of the Lord is true beauty. When some one has this joy she is the most beautiful thing on earth! Her eyes sparkle, her lips smile, her heart sings, and her hands show love with every thing she does. She pours herself into all she does. She loves and cares for those she meets. She is her self. She speaks kind words and she loves the Lord.
She doesn't try to make her self beautiful, but she is beautiful by letting down the barriers of hurt and fear that guard her heart and soul. By this I do NOT mean she does not guard her heart for her future husband and for her Lord. But simply not hide behind past wounds and fears.
I'm in the middle of reading Captivating by John and Stasi Elderedge, I've cried. I've laughed, and I'm learned. I would encourage every one to read this book; I'd beg you to read it. If you only read one book (other than the Bible) this year I pray that it will be this one.

Another good book is Dear Princess it is geared toward younger teens (13-14) but I still read it and learn for it. It deals with many of the issues of the heart and of the spirit. It is from a Mennonite view point so it does talk of head coverings and of wearing dark hose at all time but it is still a wonderful book.

I think the main thing to keep in mind it that you where made by the Hand that created the stars and moon. That He formed every little detail about you and gave you his stamp of approval. He beamed with joy at your creations. He loves you and every detail about you. He knows the number of hairs on your very head! You'd never look at a gift from your best friend and complain and nit-pick at it, "oh, I like it but I wish I could change the color or the size". So why do we do it to our Maker? Samantha suggest reading Captivating I took her advice and I am loving the book! Once again I'd suggest this book to everyone!

Here is a link about feminine beauty; I found this site while doing research for my report on true femininity
May the Lord open you eyes to how beautiful you truly are and to just how much He really does love you.

1st Peter 3:3-4 “whose adoring let it not be the outward adoring of plaiting of the hair, the wearing of gold, or of the putting on of apparel; but let the hidden man of the heart in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quite spirit, which is in the sight of God a great price.”

Friday, April 18, 2008

A taste of humility

Last Monday my mother was shopping where her and I often shop for fabric and other such things, one of mangers told my mother that if I wanted my old job back they would hire me. When my mother first told me this I was like "Psh ok like I'd go back" even though I kind of wanted to. You see I had quit a while back and was some what haughty every time we went in there about it. Well the next day I went in and asked the second manger if I could have my old job back, the look on her face was amazing, she thought I was joking at first. After I assured her I was for real she told me that I had to talk to the lady who did the hiring. I was scared to death! I wanted to run out of there with what little pride I had left and act like nothing had happened. I obviously couldn't do that so when the manger came out I had to swallow my pride and ask her for my job back, much to my surprise she said yes, just like that. Needless to say I was thrilled and so were some of the other people with whom I will be working again in two weeks. I did apologize for quitting even though it did feel like I was swallowing a pineapple. I'm not really prideful but I hate to be wrong, so asking for my job back was kind of painful to my ego; but all ended well and I'll be back at my job in two weeks.
Also, tomorrow my dear friend's sister will be getting married! Please pray for the couple as they start their new like together and for their families as they prepare for the wedding tomorrow.
Many blessings to you all.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Waiting is not always easy

Waiting, we all have to do one time or another, but waiting for God to bring the perfect spouse into your life is not always easy. My friend was teasing me that next year my father will be overrun with young men wanting to get to know me. I started thinking about this and I began to wonder how long will I be required to wait. God never said wait till your 18 and then I'll show you your prince charming he simply said wait. At this time there is no young man in my life nor should there be at this point, yet I still feel lonely. I see so many young couple and see how happy they are and how I have no one like that. Some times its easy to wait other times its not so easy. Then I started to wonder what the teen/single years are for? I believe that these years are meant to grow closer to the Lord, learning all we can in home making for girls and providing for a home for young men, getting to know not only others believers but to also get to know ourselves better. When I was 13 I knew very little about Christianity and even less about being a godly woman and I'm figuring most 13yrolds don’t, yet we see so many 13-14 year olds dating and flirting and many times we call it cute, their first "crush". Even though I have decided to wait for the Lord to bring the right person into my life I some wonder "am I attractive? Do guys notice me? Does any guy like me? Do they even know I'm alive?" This can be dangerous. I'm not saying that it’s sinful to think about it from time to time but letting it consume our minds is very harmful. When we are wondering if a certain young man at church or a church activity likes us, then our focus is not longer on praising our Maker or enjoying godly fellowship but on that young man. Crushes...We've all had them and maybe some of us have them right now, there is nothing wrong with crushes as long as we don’t day dream about these person or think about this person or attach out first name to their last name "just to see how it looks/sounds". One of the hardest things about crushes is that they are most often secrets, or worse the only people that know are our friends. I've had many well meaning friends, more than once, try to help me out with a crush. I'd explain that I didn't want help but some how things seem to always get out of hand when girls talk about their crushes with girlfriends. One of the hardest things to do is not think about crushes and not talk about them, for this I'd recommend talking to your parents. I've done this twice I think neither time was easy. Once I just flat out told my mom and the second she guessed it and then we talked about it. It may be uncomfortable but it can help. I'd highly recommend the book before you meet prince charming. That book seriously changed my life and thought life. I've let a few friends borrow it and they said they same thing. I'd HIGHLY recommend every young lady to read this book. Another book that might be helpful for older teens (16+) is every young’s woman’s battle. This book is more geared towards the mental battles and unlike before you meet prince charming deals with the aspect of sexual purity. I'd like to end this post by saying that you’re not alone; others are waiting just like you. If any of you have any suggestions for reading or ideas to help keep your mind in the right place please leave a comment. If any married or engaged women read this please share your advice and/or encouragement. I pray you all have a blessed week.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Walking along the river

Howdy everyone!

It’s been nearly a week since I've last posted and I have a LOT to say. Wednesday I got my hair cut for my birthday, I didn't have any length taken off just some layers put it. The lady did a very good job and for once didn't try to sell me any product! It did hurt having the lady try to comb out the curls but she took her time and like always I got told that I have a lot of hair. Thursday went wonderful I had a great Birthday; I went out to eat with my grandmother and then had a great dinner of home made enchiladas! YUMMY!! After dinner we had my favorite ice-cream CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH!! Friday and Saturday where spent in San Antonio, We had a great time. We ate at the mall the for dinner Friday and it really made me remember how that as Christians
we are in the world but not of it. With every passing teen I felt more normal or should I say less normal. It truly broke my heart to see how my "peers" are dressing. It was a sea of thighs and cleavage; it truly made me thankful of my standards. When we where leaving the mall we passed by a hooters, I happened to get a glimpse inside from the huge window, what I saw made me blush and feel ashamed. I honestly wanted to grab a towel and throw it around the waitress. Later on down at the river walk a group of teens where wearing paper hats with differnt things on them, I was horrified at what some of them said. Teens my age and younger with vulgar and provocative things sprawled across their hats. I can't even quote the cleanest of them. People all along the river where dressed in low cut shirt, High slitted skirts and clothes so tight that you could almost read the date of the dime in their pocket. Tattoos, strange piercing, and just about every other "normality" of the world was there. I'm not saying that every body was like this just about half maybe more. I was shocked, broken hearted, and humbled. I know that the only thing that prevented me from turning out like that was the blood of my Savior and that with out him I'd be in the muck and filth of the world just like the people I saw. That night when I went to bed I started to pray for the people I had seen that day. I was broken hearted to think that so many people are living their lives like that and that they will keep doing so with out the blood of the Lamb. I am truly blessed that my Lord saved me from all that four years ago.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Homeschool family

My mom sent me this a while back and I decided to share it with y'all. It reminded me of when I use to help a lady at our old church babysit, when we'd walk across the street every body would stare because there was about 15 of us all together (only 5 where her kids). I hope y'all enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring break!

I'm on spring break! WOOOHOO! I'm taking a much needed brake from school, I plan to spend this week getting my store and web site up and running when I do (hopeful by next month) I'll post a link. Saturday my family and 3 other families went out for the day and had a lot of fun! I didn't take any pictures with my camera cause I didn't want to drop it in the water so when my mom uploads them I'll "borrow" some. Thankful I didn't get to bad sunburn just a slightly pink tinge that lasted two days. It was a great time of fellowship and a wonderful chance to hang out with good friends.
Here are the pictures I promised.

This is a bag I've been working on for a while now, when I'm in between project or I get bored/frustrated with one I work on this bag

This is a French market bag or gardening bag that I made a while back, It is very sturdy and holds a lot with out losing its shape.

Here is the bag I made on Thursday.

Here’s the inside

I used Simplicity pattern number 4391 for the bag. It wasn't too hard but it did take a lot of patience at times, and I found something out I have a new best seam ripper, most certainly a love hate relationship. As I always say "you rip what you sew"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two hours before this post is late!

Day six and loving it. I honestly can say I love wearing skirts. I'm somewhat sad that this week is almost over, I've had fun trying to come up with different outfits and hairstyles (I've failed terribly with the hair part). So far I've been able to do all my normal stuff in skirts, even though I did get my skirt caught in the car door the other day. (have I mentioned how clumsy I can be?)
I've finished my bag and all I have left to do is put straps on my camera case. I made a new Ironing board cover using hot pink beach-y fabric,I think I made a beach board, hehe. =)Tomorrow I WILL post pictures! I promise! I pray you all have a beautiful day. Let me end by saying that sometimes we have to look for the beauty but its always there, be sure to look for the little ways the Heavenly Father shows His love to you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Catching up!

The last four days seem to have gone by so fast! Sunday turned out wonderful! the people of whom I did not wish to see where not there! I did not know this till after the concert but even before I found this out I felt a great peace about the whole thing! On Monday I spent most of my time sewing.

I made a case for my MP3 player, Started a pair of culottes, and started a bag. Tuesday was choir. It was kinda sad saying goodbye to all my friends but their excitement was contagious! Then today, Wednesday, my friends left for tour. I've finished most of my school work and I plan to spend my time until church sewing a camera case and finishing my culottes. Then I'll be heading up to the church to help teach the first-third grade Wednesday night Bible class. I'm wearing the skirt that I made of jeans and I think I should have made it a little wider, Its perfect of normal days when I wont be doing a lot of walking or going up stairs.
In other news my birthday is coming up next Thursday! Only eight more days! We're taking an over night trip next Friday and Saturday, I can hardly wait! I'll be sure to takes lots of pictures and share some of the best ones. After I put the straps on my bag and hem my cullotes I'll take come pictures of them and post em. I hope y'all enjoy the rest of the day.