Friday, August 29, 2008

When others laugh

Laughter often is a good thing and mainly makes me smile but last week it almost made me cry.
Its been awhile since I've been teased for my standards and when I was it was mostly from my "back sliding" friends who didn't care that I had standard's but just teased for something to do in a light manner; but the other night at work a lady in her late 40's said something that really just made me want to cry a little. We were talking about sewing and she asked if I had sewn my skirt, I replied that yes I had and she then asked why I made it so long (mid-calf). I told her that I didn't wear anything that came above my knees. She looked stunned but only for a second, she then proceed to ask me if I was ashamed of my body, I blushed a little and told her that I try my best to dress modestly. She then asked me if I thought my self so tempting that I had to hide my body lest I tempt a man into the "scarlet sin". She carried on by asking me if I was a Christian, I told her that yes I was hoping that I'd be able to plant a seed of the gospel in her heart but she quickly shut that door. She, in a very loud jeering voice, began to interrogate me further but asking if I was one of those "holier than thou Baptist" who looks down on women who know that their good looking and show what they got. This went on for about 15 minutes before I finally left. I was biting my tongue so hard to keep from ruining my testimony and from running my mouth back at her. Thankfully God helped me control my self and I was able to leave the lady with no ill thing to say of me.

Her laughter when she asked if I thought I was to hot to dress in nice clothes, cut deep. I've always tried to keep from looking frump and still look modest and I think (most of the time) that I’ve managed that; but that lady who so brazenly mocked my standards did leave some doubt in my mind. All that night I was slightly embarrassed by my long skirt and the fact that my shirt was buttoned almost all the way up, thankfully this did not last long. Then something came to mind that my last pastor’s wife had once told me, prayer for the people who laugh at you because they need it more than your hurt pride needs it. So I started praying for that lady at first I wasn't to kind in my prayers simply referring to her as "that rude lady" then I got convicted by the hold spirit and began to see her as what I once was. A sinner in need of a Savoir, so instead of being hurt and angry I began to pray for her soul.
I know that it’s not easy to blow of hateful comments but in the end it’s more damaging to harbor bitterness than the comment was its self! Here are some things to keep in mind when people mock and are just plain down right mean about your standards or anything else you might get teased about.

1. Chances are that the person in question is not saved or if they are they are not living the life that they should be, so pray for them, yes easier said then done I know!

2. What truly matters is not what man thinks but what God thinks about our life. We're here to please God not man! Yes, it is nice to have mans approval but some times it is impossible to please God and man.

3. One thing that’s helpful to look back on is the day you made the decision to, in my case, dress modestly and remember why you made that choice to do what ever you committed to do.

4. The best thing to do is smile; nothing throws a person off like a smile! When some one starts to mess with ya just smile and politely say, "I'm sorry you feel that way, I wish that you had the same Peace I have from Christ". I wish I had said that, instead simply just excused my self and left the lady standing.

What do you find helpful when in a situation like this? Have you ever been mocked for your Christian life? What did ya do?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I hit something!

The past Monday I hit a HUGE mile marker, and no I did not hit it while driving! I got my drivers license! I've been holding off because I didn't want to pay for insurance befor I had enough money for a down payment on a car, and as of Friday the eighth I now have enough for a down payment! Them my mother informed me that I have to pay for about six months of insurance upfront. So, another two weeks, I can wait! I am mature! Yeah, incase ya can't tell I'm very excited and I'm border lining impatience!

Tuesday we started choir back and I was so excited to see all my old friends again from over the summer! I had to leave early so I didn't get to sing any but I still got to warm up and chat with old friends! This coming Monday I start my photography/year book class. Then the Monday after that I officially start my senior year in high school! The next few weeks are going to be a little busy getting back into the swing of things but I’m looking forward to it greatly!

Then for some not to good news today I'm heading to the dentist to get some x-rays to get my wisdom teeth checked out. They plan to remove them the first week of September and I'm more than a little nervous, I've never had any stitches or any type of operations. I know that it'll all work out but I'm still a little jittery. I have to leave in fifteen minutes but I wanted to let y'all know what’s been going on!

I'm working on a few posts right now that I think will be of some interest to my readers! I don't work tomorrow so I'm going to spend some time to comment on the blogs that I'm an avid reader of and writing some e-mails.
I hope y'all have a great summer day!