Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What I've been working on

The past few days have been very busy!
Saturday was teachers training at church from early morning to mid afternoon and afterwards I had to go to work.
Sunday was church and I finished my quilt top.
Monday was work in the morning to late afternoon and then school all night.
Tuesday was cold and icy; I spend the day doing school and reading about scholarships for college. I also made some bags for my etsy! I do not have very much listed right now but I'm slowly making stuff up to add!

I have some left over fabric from my own quilt so I'm going to make a baby quilt! Also my mother and I are going to be making pin cushions and other cute things so keep an open eye for future items!

This quilt is going to be a rag quilt.
This quilt is going to be a rag quilt. A rag quilt is sewn with inverse seams and then the seams are clipped very close to stitch line every half inch or so. Then the quilt is washed in hot water a few times so the seams fray and look soft and fluffy. I've never made one before but a couple of older ladies were in Joann's one day telling me all about them and encouraged me to try! These ladies came in about once a week not only with updates on their quilt but also about their grandsons...I guess they thought that a granddaughter-in-law that could sew would be nice I don’t know, but anyways, they inspired me to try my hand at this!

Here is a close up on the clipping I have to do all over the top.

These are the Eco-green shopping bags I've made so far. I had my eye on these fabrics for a long time but was never sure what to make out of them! Then I decided shopping bags so I had an excuse to go buy some cute fabric! I love the dresses on the red and pink bags!

The piggies are my personal favorite!

All of them can fold up like this to fit in a purse to make sure you always have a green
alternative to plastic bags right at hand!

Also bed for little miss kitty that I finished a week or two ago.

Sadly dear little Izzy's life here may not be permanent. The last few months have been hard on my allergies. The beginning of this month I spent a few days in bed because they got so bad. I can hardly wear my contacts which is a drag for two reasons, one, my current glasses make me look really dorky. Two, they are very uncomfortable. Come July when I get my eyes recheck there are a really nice pair of glasses that I want to get instead of contacts. They are frameless around the lenses and the part that keeps them on is very discrete and blends in very well with my hair and skin color. Any ways back to the kitten, I want to get tested before I give away my little one. She's so sweet...most of the time...and is very fun to play with. Even the dog likes her. The down side is she likes to eat thread and tries to attack sewing machine needles as we sew. My mother and I have both ruined projects because of her. If we lock her out of the rooms she gets on the table and knocks stuff over so it’s very hard to get any sewing done. She also likes yarn...she loves chewing and has a fetish for knitting needles whilst I knit. Over all she hardly fits our life style as far as my mother's and my work. The other problem is when I start college in a few months. I'll be gone almost all the time so my mother would have to watch her which is impossible to do while working. I'm glad that we were able to save her and her brothers life and that I was able to raise her into some what decent cat but I think that its time to give her to some one that can give her all the love and attention that she will need. While I dote on her when ever I can it’s rarely enough to keep her out of trouble. Sadly I think I will be saying good bye to Miss Pretty Kitty as my brothers call her. This is the longest we've kept any strays or abandoned animal that we've found before and now I know why my parents always told us not to get to attached to our little visitors. I already know someone who will take her when the time comes. I'm just delaying the inevitable.

Anyways, I need to work on my typing for school and start my baby quilt. If you are having any wintry weather as we have been drive safe and keep warm.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting closer now!

Graduation is so very close! We had another planning meeting Thursday night! I was sick but I went anyways, I'm glad we did because we picked the color of our gowns! We picked white but one of the mothers suggested changing it because she doesn't like white gowns. So if we decide not to do white it will be emerald green! The church we're graduating in is mainly blue so we knocked out that color cause, come on, who wants to look like one of the chairs!

Since none of the 5 graduates really know each other the first meeting was kinda strange and was mainly five teenagers sitting in a basement looking at each other grinning shyly. Thankfully this did not last long. The only thing we decided that night was that burgundy gowns was a huge NO-NO; I shocked my self by blurting out my passionate dislike for this color when asked what colors I was against but every one agreed with me very quickly; I think this was the main ice breaker. After that we played some games like catch phrase, bluff, and spoons. All in all it was a very fun and though unproductive night in planning the graduation it was useful to getting to know each other. Including my self there are four ladies and also there is one gentleman.

The date and location is set but that is about it! I still have my pictures to take and invitations to make up! Oh yeah, and finishing all the school work! At the rate I'm going I should be done the first week of May, only two weeks before we all march down the aisle, wearing white gowns. Ok, that does sound a little wedding-y but oh well!

I want my personal theme verse to be JEREMIAH 29:11 "29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. "
I'm not sure what color I'll do my invitations in or what color the cake will be. I want to bake the cake my self and have a lady I know decorate it! She makes masterpieces! Since my artistic hand is lacking a steady grip it is best I don't try to do it my self.

As far as physical appearance for graduation night; Make up is an easy thing to deal with being I don't wear any! My hair, I might just ask a friend help me pin part of it up with some pretty but simple little flower gems and leave it most of the way down. Random up-date my hair is about four maybe five inches from hitting my waist again! Its been a while since it was that long and I'm hoping it will be very close to my waist come May. Anyways back to graduation!
I could really just jump up and down!I'm so excited!
MJ has been great a great friend during my Senior year and started a great site for the class of 2009
Be sure it check it out and if your a Senior this year at least go over and read the bios of your fellow seniors, it might be an encouragement to you!

School left to finish:

Half of twelfth grade writing and grammar.
A few more books for Civics and British literature. I love Sonlight!
Human anatomy, I had to drop Physics, the math was way above my level.
A paper on either "How I plan to change the world" or "Can one person really change the world?". I didn't get to pick the topic but still, it will be interesting.

Since I didn't take the PSAT's or the SAT's I have to attended a junior college my first year at least. Being that junior colleges are much cheaper I might stay for two years and get all my basics out of the way then transfer to the main college to finish my degree. I'm still not sure where I plan to finish off my education but the junior college is all picked out!

Please pray for my dear mother during this time. I know she will be under a lot of stress with trying to get the graduation done and she wants to do a party for my 18th birthday come April. Also there are colleges to check out and transcripts to form! I know I'll be under pressure but its nothing like what she will be going through!

So, other seniors, what have you planned so far? Those who have all ready finished school what was your last semester like? Share your story!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is here

2009, Wow. The past year has gone by so fast! This year is going to be one of much learning, I already know that. One where much in my life will change. I'm finishing high school, heading to college, buying a car soon, and growing up.

The past year was a wonderful one. As some of you know two years ago we changed churches. When we did so I was very upset and swore I would never be happy there. But last year proved me wrong, as did the year before that. As our second "anniversary" rolls around this Sunday, I am reminded yet again of how the good Lord works in my life.

Some things that I have learned this past year:

1. Complaining really doesn't help the problem, it just makes you feel worse in the end.
2. If something is worth doing it is worth doing correctly...the first time.
3. Don't sweat the small stuff. Not everything goes the way it was planned, learn to let some things go.
4. Pick your battles wisely. You don't need to give your two cents in every argument. Some times just smiling and walking away is the wisest thing to do.
5. Brokenness is beautiful. The Lord can work masterpieces with broken lives.
6. That a simple smile can lift a down trodden heart.
7. Praise matters. We often are quick to complain about things but how quick are we to praise when good things happen?
8. Family is more important then friends.
9. That person who said something rude to you might have just been having a bad day, give them the benefit of the doubt. They might just be a good friend waiting to happen.
10. God is always good. A lady once told me that nothing happens in our life with out God's "stamp of approval". That "bad" thing in your life is happening for a reason. God allowed it. God is always good. God is always God.

I could go on and on but I think those are the main things that I've been shown this past year.
Like most people I did make New Year resolutions.

1. Read my Bible more in depth.
2. Wake up earlier. I'm a night person so this one is hard for me.
3. Speak kinder words to my brothers. Even when my blood sugar is low and I get very moody.
4. Do more of my own sewing.
5. Spend more time thinking of others.
6. Be more thankful.
7. Fill my hopechest. Hope chest?
8. Exercise daily.
9. Post at least weekly on here.
10.Graduate high school =]

Some things I want to learn to do or simply make the time to do this year:

1. Knit a sweater
2. learn a foreign language.
3. Learn to make soap.
4. Get my own business out of the 'dream' stage and into real life!
5. Learn to make a good button hole. Trust me, its harder than you think.

I know this is so very late but I sort of hit a writing dead end.I was told that my writing needed some work and that my grammar was very poor. I know that my grammar needs work but it is something that I struggle with and also something that I have been working on. Rather then letting this slide like I should have I got upset and didn't want to write for awhile. I am now over this and will be blogging regularly again. Forgive me for allowing such a petty thing prevent me from sharing this.