Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What have your words done?

Words are something that we use everyday and think very little of. Words can build up, can make people happy and encourage them. Words can show love and can inspire people to take their life to the next level. Words can also kill. Words can hurt and injure more than anything else. We can scar and mangle people with a simple slip of the tongue. When I was younger I was the weird one out. People liked to make fun of me so when I was in my early teens and finally found "acceptance" I took a very high price. The people with whom I hung out with there not very godly and in all fairness neither were I. They'd tease people and I'd just stand their watching never daring to say a word to stop them, I may have not joined in but I did help them by never intervening. As I got older it became easier and easier to blend in with the crowd I was not as strange or as clumsy yet I still felt as if I had to change in order to be cool; I never even stopped to think what I was paying to fit in. Later on when I was fifteen or so, at a Christian camp my "friends" told me that I couldn't hang with them anymore because I didn't look Goth enough or bad enough and they wanted to get to know a group of "awesome" Goths from another church. The words stung like none other I was not enough for my friends and thus I was being cast aside.

Matthew 12:34 reads: "O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh."
If our hearts are full of evil and hate then our words will be damaging not only to ourselves but to others. We so often speak with out thinking and the damage is done the instance our words fall from our lips. The Bible is full of verses dealing with words and the danger there of. Pull out your concordance and read some of the verses dealing with tongue.

Words are powerful. My mother saw this on a blog and showed it to me. I wanted to cry the words touched my soul and brought back memories. After I watched for the fourth time I went to my room sat down, picked up my knitting needles and started to pray and think things over. I can remember a time when I wanted to end my life. A time when I felt as if no one was on my side because of things people had said to me. I thought that no one would care or would even notice my death, what made me think this? Words. Then a sickening feeling hit me in the gut, how many people had I made feel this way? How many people had felt this same hopelessness because of words I said or words that I never said? Another sickening thought was how have I affected those younger than me who look up to me? My younger brothers or children at my church? The thought was almost too much to bear.
As you listen to this song and watch the video I pray that the Lord will speak to you and challenge your heart. There is not much for me to say on this matter the song says so much.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Health and Beauty

One of the first things I notice about people is their smile, or the lack there of. The Lord has blessed me with straight teeth and a pretty smile. When I was younger it was a differnt story, for awhile my nickname was jack-o-lantern if that tells you anything. But I grew into my teeth and they straightened out which is a good thing because I smile most the time and most of the time its a big smile, I honestly have a hard time smiling small; in fact when I was having my student ID done the camera man, who was not smiling one bit and looked very grouchy and sour, told me that I smiled to big. At first I was very self aware of my smile for a few weeks but then I realized that my smile is a part of who I am. So how can you care for those pearly white? Here are some tips for helping you teeth look great with out having to pay big bucks to get them whitened.

One thing to that is important to know is that coffee, tea, soda, and any other drinks that have caffeine or that are dark can stain your teeth. So its best to avoid drinking them in excuse, besides your body needs water more than its needs soda. My mom told me story of a man that was in one of her collage classes who had his teeth whitened professionally. He would drink coffee and tea with a straw so that it wouldn't touch his teeth and then he'd go wash his mouth out to prevent any discoloration. I doubt many people do that but its still a good story about teeth whitening.

Want your teeth to look whiten instantly? For lighter skins and some medium skins it’s been said that pink/red lip gloss or lipstick can make your teeth look whiter. Peachy colors and anything that has an orange-y tint can make them look dingy and dirty! If you have darker or tan skin (I have very light skin so I have no Idea if this is true) I've read that plums, wine, and deep red are the best lip color and can make your teeth look better. Olive skins are said to look great in brownish reds, light browns, and raisin shades.
Wanna know more about picking the best lip color for you? Heres a great link.

When I'm nervous I bit my lips, this is a terrible habit and can be very damaging! A great way to get rid of dead skin cells and make your lips soft feeling and looking is to mix just a little olive oil and a tiny bit of sugar in the palm of your hand and gently rub the mixture onto your lips; some people say that using a soft toothbrush can help the process but I found that it was abit rough of my lips. When you go out in sun its important to put something on your lips to protect them. Even if it doesn't have SPF it in it will help a little! My favorite daily lip stuff is carmex. It keeps my lips soft and moisturized and enhances my own natural color.

Need a little whitening but don't wanna pay for it? Every so often when my teeth start to look like they need whitening I pull out a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, all you do it dip your toothbrush in some and brush your teeth with it! I would suggest doing this before bed or on a day you will be spending most of the morning home because it can and more than likely will cause out gums to look white! This is not permanent nor is it harmful but it can look kinda funny. Do this every night for a week or so and you'll notice a huge difference. Don't do this for more than 7-9 days and do it no more than once month. Rinse your mouth or brush with regular toothpaste afterward and you’re done!

Once again I want to remind everyone that outward beauty is NOTHING compared to the heart within! Having a smiling and singing heart is far more important than have white straight teeth!

Have an idea for my next beauty/health post? Share your idea and I’ll look in to it and try to write a post about it!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have some a huge announcement for y'all. I'm in love; totally, completely and wholly in love. Would y'all like to hear the story?
I was first introduced to Him when I was eleven or so, I "knew" him but I didn't know him. When I was thirteen I finally accepted that he loved me and that even though I turned away and did all I could to avoid his soul searching eyes he still loved me and longed for me to allow him into my life. I open my heart to him yet I was unfaithful to him; yet he forgave me and his love for me was unchanged. I slowly drifted allowing the world and other loves to turn my heart from him.
Then this Sunday morning I was reading book and I could feel his loving gaze a pond me, it was not the lustful-perverted look that so many people say is a sign of love but the gaze of pure undying love, of the utmost devotion, the kind of look that leaves you feeling as if your the most beautiful thing the looker has ever laid eyes a pond. I tried to ignore the ache that I felt because of my unfaithfulness but couldn't; I felt his tender embrace comforting me. I told him that I was unworthy of his love and he softly and tenderly said that I could have another try. That evening I was thinking of all he had said. I feel a sleep thinking of all his words of hope and of his love for me. Then Monday I was reading again and he approached me; Being the genteel man he is he did not force himself a pond me. He asked if he could join me I simply said yes, he sat there with me, never saying a word just looking at me with loving eyes that told me how much he loved me. He softly asked me if I trusted him, I wasn't sure how to answer, I simply nodded. He told me that if I did then I would give my self to him heart, soul, and body. At first I insisted that I already had when I was 15 but he gently reminded me of things that held parts of my heart that shouldn't. At first I denied this, but under his loving and pleading eyes I gave him everything that I was, that I am, and all that I will be.

My heavenly Prince is whom I am speaking of. Saturday my mother bought me a book called authentic beauty by Leslie Ludy. Many books I have read talk of falling in love with your heavenly Prince but didn't tell how to get rid of past lovers (anything that took the place of Him). I'm slowly taking out the garbage in my heart and kicking out anything that does not belong with in my heart. I'm slowly yet surely becoming my Prince's lily-white princess. Leslie Ludy has a website on which can be found the inner sanctuary pages on which I am working. The process has been some what slow because I have not been able to print off the pages thus restricting me to the computer to use them.

My Prince has be showing me many areas in which I need to clean or in some cases things I need to add to my life. This process has been some what painful yet worth every second of it. I pray that I will be a lovely lily-white princess that my heavenly Price will be proud to claim.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Every thing you ever wanted to know about me and more (allot more)

Just some random things about me! I hope ya enjoy, fill it out with your own answers and post it on your blog or if you don't have a blog post it in my comments!

1).How do you most often wear your hair? Mostly down or with a little bit pulled back in clips

2).What do you like better: Sledding or Swimming? I don't know how to swim and I've never seen enough snow to go sledding
3).What is your favorite thing for breakfast? Cereal

4).Lunch? Anything!

5).Supper? Pizza, lasagna or something with pasta.

6).Is one of your siblings married? No.

7).Have you ever been on a rollercoaster? Yes.

8).Do you like to wear Hoodies? Yes.

9).Have you ever seen an ocean? Yes, it was extremely beautiful

10).Where would you rather go: England or Australia? England! I get enough "Australia cracks" about my name

11).Tell me something about you that I don’t know? If I told then you'd know...but for real, I sleep walk.

12).Do you want to get married someday? Yes!

13).How many TV’s are in your house? 4 but three are used for school

14).What’s your favorite hymn? I'm not sure I have one

15).Which one would you rather learn to play: Guitar, Banjo, Piano or Violin? I play Violin so I guess guitar
16).How tall are you? 5'3
17).What is the prettiest thing you have ever seen? The night sky is one of favorite things

18).Describe where you live and what it looks like: I small cream house in the suburbs
19).How many bedrooms are in your house? Three.

20).How many rooms are in your house? 6
21).What’s in your basement? We don't have one

22).Do you keep your room clean all the time or is it a mess? It depends on whom you ask =]

23).Is your room cluttered or empty or neither? Cluttered.

24).Do you wish you could have your own room? I have my own room (only daughter)

25).What do you do for fun with your siblings? Umm besides annoying them, just normal stupid teenage stuff

26).Do you get mad easily? nope
27).Do you cry a lot? No, I’m a pretty cheerful person.

28).Do you like tuna? noooo!!!!

29).How many mosquito bites do you have on you? 0

30).Do you like talking on the phone? Not really

31).Would you rather hang out with a group of girls, boys or mix? It depends on what kinda girls and guys they are; it’s normally a mix though

32).Is your mother pregnant right now? Not that I know off

33).Would you rather go back to the Oregon Trail or the Cherokee Indian trail of tears? Oregon Trail.

34).Are you part anything (Like, Indian, Irish, and so on)? I’m a bit Irish and a touch of German
35).Do you prefer to Email or written letters? I like email because it is quick,

36). Do you like going to weddings? I've only been to one

37).What was the last wedding you attended? 4 years ago

38).How many aunts and uncles do you have? 4.

39).Are you mad at one of your siblings right now? Nope

40).If you got in trouble and you were given a choice for punishment which would you

Choose: Not seeing any friends for a month or no computer for a month? No computer

41).How many times have you gotten in trouble? Hmmm, I don’t think I can count that high

42). When was the last time you went out of town? Last month

43).Do you like to play inside or outside better? Outside if the weather is nice

44).Do you like to listen to music? Yuppers

45).How tall would you want to be if you could choose? I like my height

46).Do you want to have a big wedding or a small one? A medium one

47).An inside wedding or an outside? Outside, as long as its not raining

48).What is your favorite DVD? Hard question, I dunno

49). Do you want to live in the country or city? In the country.

50). How many pen pals do you have? One

51).What is your favorite saying that you’ve made up? Purple cows invading from outterspace...don’t ask

52).What boy name do you hate? Bob

53).Girl name? Jane.

54).Do you say “shut up” or “Be quiet”? I had the bad habit of saying shut up, but I don’t really say either anymore

55).If you could have only one of the following for yourself which would you choose: A

Computer, a Cell phone, An Ipod, or a TV? A computer.

56).Which kind of car do you like better: Dodge Viper, Lexus, or Mustang? Mustang!!

57).What kind of things makes you mad? People who are inconsiderate of others and hypocrites
58).What kind of things make you happy? Laughter, babies, flowers... allot of things

59).Do you speak your mind? More than I should

60).Do you prefer to talk to old people (Over 60) or people your age? It doesn’t matter either way
61).What is one of your bad habits? Playing with my hair and grinning at random thoughts at the worst of times

62).What do you find more interesting: A Encyclopedia or a dictionary? Encyclopedia.

63).What is your favorite ENDING to a book? The ending in The Last Battle. “But it was just the beginning of the real story.”

64).What would you rather do: Go clothes shopping, or Go to the library and read? Go to the library

65).Where do you normally read? In my bed at night or out side in the grass

66).Do you have a desk in your room? Yep

67).Are you Brave? "What is courage but faith conquering fear?

68). Are you smart? I like to think I am

69). Do you have good handwriting? Not in the least

70).Do you like to fish? noooo Eww I hate fish!
-71).Do you run often? Nope

72).Do you like Iced Tea? YES! Sweet tea...mmmmm!

73).You don’t have to be their best friend, but who is YOUR best friend? I dont have a 'best friend" just close friends

74). What do you prefer: Mystery Books or Romance Books? Both

75).Which of the following fruits do you like the best: Peaches, apples, watermelon, bananas or oranges? Apples

76).What is your favorite vegetable? Anything but tomatoes and spinach and peas

77).Do you prefer to watch TV or go on the Computer? The Computer.

78). How many brothers do you have and how chaotic is it? 2 and it can get pretty chaotic at times

79). Does anyone in your family have black hair? Dad has salt and pepper hair.

80).How ’bout red? My youngest brother and I

81).Do you like to dance? When it’s just me and girlfriends
82).Can you sing? Yeah

83). if you could go to one of these countries for a month, which one would you go to: Australia, China, Africa, or Europe? Europe: Ireland

84).What is your Dad’s job? He works on computer stuff

85).Do you go to work? Yup

86). Do you like Soccer or football better? Neither

87).Do you think this quiz is dumb? Not really. I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn't!

88).Do you think it’s annoyingly long? Nope

89).Do I annoy you? No you don’t.

90).Does this quiz have everything? Uhhm no

91).Do you want it to end? Yes.

92).Are you glad it’s over? It isn’t over

93).Which would you rather be: A waitress, a teacher, a writer, a Sports player or an Artist? A teacher

94). Do you prefer dark colors or light? Light

95). Which March girl from little woman are you more like? Jo mostly and a little bit Meg

96). If someone asked you to play in a movie would you say yes? Depends on what the movies was about

97). what exactly do you want to be when you’re older? A mother and wife

98). who thinks this quiz is long enough? Need I answer that?

99).Who wants more and gets it? The Rich

100).Did you ever in your life want to be a firefighter? Nope, that was one of the few things I didn't want to be

101).How many pairs of shoes do you have? Four or five I think

102).How many shirts do you have? A fair few

103).How many pairs of pants do you have? 3

104).How many skirts do you have? 5-6?

105).Do you sew? Yes

106).Do you talk in your sleep? Hehe yup

107).Do you sing in your sleep? Not that I know off

108).Do you snore? Nope

109).How many friends do you have? Allot

110).Which would you rather do: Sing a song in front of a thousand people or write a Novel and try to get it published? Sing because I could get it over with really fast!

111).Do you prefer Hot weather or cold weather? Hot

112).What is your favorite site to have fun on? I have allot of those

113).What is your favorite blog? Hmmm I should say my mothers

114).Do you blog? Hmm yes

115). Do you prefer the phone, messenger, letters, texting, or all? Messenger

116).Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you? Yes.

117).Have you ever thrown a surprise party for someone? Yes.

118. Do you laugh a lot? Yes.

119).Do you smile a lot? Yuppers

120). Do you cry a lot? No

121).Have you ever cried in front of other people besides your family? Yes

122). Do you like to be annoying? I'm 17 have red hair and two younger brothers...YES!

123). Do you have an older sister? Nope

124).If so, do you get along?

125).How do you sign your letters? Sydney

126).Have you been complimented lately? Yes.

127).Do you get teased a lot? I did when I was younger; I used to get teased terribly

128). Have you ever built a snow fort? No.

129).What is your favorite thing to do in the winter? Read and or knit

130).Is there a lot of shouting in your house normally? Only when my brothers and I are being silly

131). How quiet-or loud- is your house right now? Quiet.

132).What are you wearing right now? Pants and a black t shirt that says "dickies"

133).Have you ever cut someone’s hair? My own

134). Have you ever colored your hair? Yes, but it was wash out

135).Do you have a tattoo? 4 or five I forget...just kidding
136).Any piercing? My ears

137). When was the last time you went to the zoo? I can't even remember

138). Have you ever had more then 20 people at your house? Yes.

139).Favorite kind of toothpaste? Arm and Hammer and aqua fresh
140).Have you ever written a story? Yes.

141).Have you ever gotten anything published? No

142).What is your favorite kind of bread? All types

143).Does your Mom work? Not outside of the house but yes she works

44).Have you ever had a sleepover with more then 2 people? Yes.

145).Have you ever slept in a tent? Yes hasn't every body?

146).Have you ever driven a tractor, or at least steered one? Yes

147). How messy is your room right now? Ehh it’s kinda messy

148). Do you go shopping a lot? No, thank goodness!

149).About how many shirts do you have? Didn't I already answer that?

150).Skirts, dresses or jeans? Skirts

151. Do you have a lot of jewelry? Nope

152. Do you have a dog? Yes.

153). Do you have neighbors within a 1/2 mile of your house? Yeah right next door.

154. Do you have a tree fort? Nope

155). Do you dry your hair after you shower? Normally no

156).Do you eat fish? Noooo!

157). Have you ever played PS2? Nope

158). Do you fall for things easily? No.

159). How much self-control do you have? A fair amount

160). Have you ever ridden a horse? Yes.

161. Do you own a horse? No.

162. Do you own cows? No. My mom won't let me
163. What color are the walls of your room? Lavender

164).Is your room full of junk? It depends one who you ask my mom or me?

165). Do you like garlic? It’s ok
166). Do you have a nickname for yourself? No

167).Do you keep a diary? Nope

168). Are you close to your Mom? Yes =)

169). Do you own an American girl doll? Yes

170). Have you ever gotten lost? Yes

171). has anyone in your family gotten lost? Hmm, yes.

172). what color is your toothbrush? Pink

173. What do you do for Christmas? Open presents.

174. Do you like country music? Yeah

175). in what position do you sleep? Lying on my side.

176). Have you ever sung yourself to sleep? No

177). Do you like tuna? NOOOO
178).Have you ever been slapped? Yes.

179). Have you ever slapped someone? Yes.

180). what is your favorite uncommon girl name? I dunno

181. Uncommon boys name? I dunno once again

182).Be honest; How many times a day do you pray? I pray though out the day

183). Do you, or did you ever, believe in fairies? When I was a little girl

184). Do you still play “Simon Says?” Yes.

185). what’s your favorite kind of pie? I like em all!

186). Do you live on a farm? I wish

187). How many ways of growing up is there? Countless ways

189).How many time a week do you go in the shower? Daily

190). How many times have you seen a movie in the theaters? Not very many
191). what do you do to relax? Read books, knit listen to music…annoy my family
192). Have you ever gone strawberry picking? I don't think so

193). Do you believe in the “Once saved always saved?” Yes, very much so
194). Do you like getting your picture taken? No!

195). Have you ever won a race of any kind? Yes.

196). Have you ever helped butcher a deer? ....No

197). Are you afraid of anything? Yes, fish mainly

198). Do you like the snow? Never had enough to answer that

199). How old are you? 17.

200). Do you wear glasses of any sort? Contacts

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A hold me over update

I don't have time for a full long post but I do want to give y'all idea of what’s going on at the moment. Last night was my first night back to work and it was a very uneventful evening. We finished all the work early and so we just sat waiting for nine o'clock to roll around so we could lock the door and count the last drawer of money. So far adding extra food has helped me a great deal. Saturday I foolishly did not eat when I was supposed to and got sick and tried to fall a sleep, my mother told me to come eat dinner but I didn't feel hungry, which is normal when I let the dizziness go to far; but I ate any ways and felt better very quickly. The past few days I've eaten when and what I should and taken care of myself and I have felt wonderful! But enough about me. Tonight is my youngest brother’s last showcase for violin. I'll be posting pictures and details about the show tomorrow morning or tonight depending on when we get home from his concert. I won't say much more about him or the concert because my next post will be dedicated to him and his final night in the spotlight.

The above picture is of some little birdies that decided that the tree that hangs over our house would be the perfect spot for her nest; we had planned to cut down this tree but when we where on the roof we noticed the mother bird and her eggs. I’m not sure where I put the pictures of the eggs but I was able to find the file with the pictures of the baby birdies.

I'm not sure if you can tell but the mother is sitting on top of the babies!

A few days ago I was sitting out side reading a book and I saw this little fella' crawling on me. He was no bigger than one of my many freckles! He was lacking in spots but was the cutest little bug I've seen this year.

I'm off to finish cooking lunch and then to choir later on. I hope y'all have an awesome day!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Test results

First I want to thank everyone who prayed for me, it helped to comfort my spirit very much so.
Wednesday night I started my fast, and then the next morning I woke up and headed to the lab. I was nervous and kept fidgeting a little because the sing said that only the person on whom the blood work was to be done could go in the back, but thankfully they let my mother go back there with me. The nurse started with my left arm; at first it seemed to be a good idea but then all the sudden my arm stopped giving blood. First she changed vials, which hurt a little because it caused the needle to move around a little. Then she tried to pump blood down from my upper arm to spare me from having to start over. This didn't work so she started moving the needle around trying to get my blood flowing again, this hurt so badly. I started crying, my hand had lost feeling and so had my upper arm but the forearm still had feeling and boy I sure was feeling it! Since they use vacuum needles I could hear the suction with only added to the ordeal. I started getting dizzy and sick feeling from all of it. The nurse stopped trying to get blood and went to get some one else to figure out why my arm stopped bleeding. I lost it at that point, all I wanted to do was get out of there and forget about the whole thing, but they hadn't gotten enough blood. My mother who used to be a nurse said that she had never had a patient stop bleeding and the other two nurses agreed. So they went to my right arm and that time it was next to painless, it hurt no more than getting a plain shot, which is how my mom told it normal feels. We then went out to breakfast, which helped to soothe my trauma =]. My left arm was hurting but my right arm was just numb for the most part.
My mom told me that I might get a small bruise on my arms where they took the blood and I got one on my left arm (the one that had problems) but my right arm just barely got any discoloration and even that’s mainly from taking the tape off.

This morning the doctor called and said that I looked healthy enough and there was nothing that needed to be worried about. They don't think I have blood sugar problems but that it’s simply that my body burns every thing to fast, thus resulting in the dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, and all my other problems. They also said that my headaches where more than likely from sugar and caffeine. Thankful they said I don't need to cut it out completely unless I find that even the tiniest bit throws me off. They said the way to take care of my symptoms was to eat more often not more just more frequently. My nurse suggest eating normal meals (which I do) but to add three snacks a day, just small something’s when to keep me from getting bleh feeling. She also told me juice is a wonderful way to nip the dizziness at the bud.

The Lord truly is great and does look after His children!