Monday, July 28, 2008

Growing up

When I was little I used to read books and I would wish for the life that the characters had and I used to believe once I reached that age my life would be perfect. When I was 12 or so I was very clumsy and out of place and I would read books and the main girl was in high school, she was smart, beautiful, went to parties, had her own car, had a cell phone, and yes you guessed it she had a boyfriend. I used to look in the mirror and try to see what I would like when I was "all grown up". When I was 15 I began to wonder why my life hadn't played out like I had planned for it to, after all I was in high school and I was almost sixteen and yet the only person I matched from my stories where the geeks and social rejects. My friends all seemed to match the girl that I thought we all grew up to be, they where beautiful, they had perfect hair, they always knew what to say and of course they had boys who followed them around wanting to date them.

Here I am at seventeen and very little of what I once dreamed would happen when I "grew up" has happened and I want very little of it to happen now. I have a job and can nearly buy a car, but I don’t see it as just a "ticket to freedom" as I once did now I see the payments, insurance, tags, inspections, and all the other things that my mother so graciously told me about!
I'm fairly bright, I wouldn't call my self smart but I wouldn't call my self stupid. I used to think that high school was all about parties and hanging out and those good grades just happened. Yeah right, I'm at the point where I realize that "hey if I wanna finish high school, I'm going to have to bare down and start cracking the books!" I'm also at the point where instead of reading the silly novels that I normally would check out from the library I've started checking out "how to ace your SAT's" and "how to survive Algebra" and books like that.
Cell phone? Well I started looking and instead of seeing the major "cool factor" I see a phone bill and a practical way to stay safe when I start driving my self around.

Beautiful, that’s one that I use to look for in the mirror everyday, to see if I had "blossomed" into a beautiful teenager that would be able to turn heads and have people say "wow! That girl is beautiful!" This is one that I wish I had learned along time ago. No matter how much I wished for straight blond hair and bright blue eyes I never got it, I never got a tan either.
Then one day I really looked at my self from some one else’s eyes, I had gotten a birthday card from a dear friend that said something like, Sydney your a very sweet girl, your beauty is in your smile and the way you include others and make them seem make others feel beautiful. That’s when I really realized that I didn't want to be like the girls that I had read about, that I didn't have to meet this imagery stander before I could be considered grown up. I had already started down that road. It slowly dawned on me that I'm not some one in a book, I'm a real live person that already has her future written down; the only difference is my story has been written by the Master Author and not by some mere human author! The pages of my life and yours are being penned even as you read this and while I write this. God can see the full story where as we can only see what has already happened. We see what we want to be and what we are; God sees what we will be.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I've been tagged again, and this time by my own mother!
Here are her rules
1) Link to the person who tagged me.
2) Mention the rules.
3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.
4) Tag 6 other blogger´s by linking to them.
5) Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

I'm not going to tag anybody because not to long along I tagged a lot of people so I'm going to give it a rest for a bit.

1. I love wearing my hair down! I can't stand to have it up, but some times I do braid it back so it doesn't get in my way but I HATE wearing it all the way up!

2. When I get scared, nervous, or embarrassed I cover my face with my hands, I was totally unaware of this fact until I took drivers ed last year and my mother told me that she was sure that the first time I drove I'd end up covering my face like I normally do!

3. I kind of like house work, but I dislike having to do something more than once (like rewashing the kitchen sink because some one dirtied it up again)

4. I like folding laundry but I don’t like hanging it up in the closest.

5. If I could I would go barefoot all of the time! I dislike shoes but socks are ok.

6. I have an unexplained fear of answering machines. I'll hang up the phone and call back later rather than leave a message! They creep me out for no reason what so ever!

Upcoming post: Growing up isn't what I planned it to be!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A fine art

When I first planned to do this I was planning on using my own pictures and doing it all my self, but I couldn't get the pictures to work out so I decided to Leave a link to a wonderful video that had already laid out all the basics. If you do decide to learn how to knit let me warn you it is very addicting! I started knitting a few years back for a high school credit. The book from which I learned had no picture and very poor instructions, my mother and I where up most of the night trying to figure it out before we finally looked it up on-line and watched a few videos and it finally clicked. Ever since that night I've been running head first full speed into the world of knitting. Yarn is under my bed; knitting needles sit in a vase in my bookshelf and sometimes they even, some how I have no idea how, wind up on the couch! Knitting books and patterns find their way into my stacks of books at the library and hop into my arms from selves. Six months ago or so I talked my mom into taking me to a yarn store just to look, wow! I saw yarn I never knew existed! Things like cobweb mohair, rabbit hair yarn, self stripping, wool, cotton, and sock yarns!

I've dreamed knitting before; about a month into learning how to knit I decided I wanted to try my hand at ribbing, which is mixing the purl and the knit stitch on the same row. No matter what I tried I had a giant knot of yarn that looked nothing like the desired project. That night I had a dream and in my dream I figured it out, so at 2 am I grabbed my knitting needles and started to do it. The next morning I hurried and looked at what I had done and to my amazement it was right! I'm not a very reckless person most of the time, I normal think things though first, but with knitting it’s a different story. I open a book and see something that I want to try and I grab needles and yarn and start going, more than once I get a little ways into the project and realize I don’t know how to do cables and right then and there I mess around and makes lots of mistakes. Then that moment of dawning happens and I get it, it just clicks and all the sudden I can do it!

I've taught five people at my church/choir/work how to knit. I often hear "oh, I could never do that. It looks to hard." or "I don’t have the patience and/or coordination for that." I'm the worlds least coordination persons, if not the most then at least the top five. It does take a little thinking but if I can do it then anyone can do it. A knitter, whose books I love to read, says that "if you can dress your self you can knit, if you can dress your self and match then you can knit well".

So dear adventure enter the world of knitting if you dare. If you have any questions or need some clarifications then feel free to ask! So grab those needles and some yarn and get knitting!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Coupon giveaway and other great deals.

Hey Everyone! My mom is doing a coupon give away! All you have to do is leave a comment in order to be in entered in the drawling! It ends soon so be sure to check it out!

Also I got a flier in the mail to try Proactive for one month for free! I've only been using it for five days or so and I've already noticed a difference in my skin! I have very sensitive skin so I was nervous about trying it at first. All it did the first day was make my face pink because I just dived right in and started using all of it full force instead of waiting and slowing adding in the lotion like they suggest, but anyways =]. Any one that I refer can get the same deal I got pay 5.98 I believe it was for shipping and that’s it! Since I have to refer you I'll need you E-mail addresses. You can send me an e-mail with your name and e-mail address and I'll sign you up under me so you can get your free month worth too! In no way will I find out your home address or anything other than your e-mail. I'm really excited to find out how my skin will look at the end of the month! Again if you’re interested send me an e-mail at I hope to hear from y'all soon!