Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playing mommy

Last night when I called my house from work, my dad picked up the phone. This is strange because my mom normally answers the phone, so I asked where mom was. I heard a sigh and he told me she was feeding the cats, I was like "what??" as being we don't have cats and that my dad strongly dislikes cats! All he said was I don't want to talk about it! Then my mom called me back after she was done and told me that she had found four newborn kittens that had been abandoned. They can't be more than 2 days old because they still have their cords. She and my brothers had found them wandering blindly around the yard of the empty house next to ours; cold and crying pitifully. They found the first to in the early evening then a few hours later went back to make sure they found them all and found two more even colder and still alone and crying.

By the time I got home they had eaten once and where curled up in a box asleep. Four little balls of fuzzy-ness! Last night they slept in my room and I was up every few hours checking on them and trying to feed them. So far they are all doing quite well and are currently sleeping in a plastic tote box lined with blankets right next to me. The only pictures we have of them are on my mom’s camera so I'll have to wait to post them. Oh, you want me to tell you what they look like? Ok, since you asked about my babies! One is black, one is black with gray stripes, the other is black with a tan spot on his head and a white mouth, and the other is black with gray and tan stripes. They are so cute and just so tiny; they fit in my hands so perfectly!

I told y'all that I would post the response I got about my head covering! So here it goes! Wednesday night most people thought it was just a wide headband, a few girls who knew what I was doing said that it looked very pretty and one girl even said I looked like Maid Marian from Robin Hood, I guess that’s a good thing? She said it like it was! Then last night at work a man was having a conversation and was cursing every so often, when we saw me and looked at my head he quickly apologized for his rough language and said that he hoped he hadn't offended me! I think tomorrow is when the rest of the church people will notice that I'm wearing headcoverings which makes me very nervous! So once again I promise to tell y'all how it goes!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

~Home School Senior Give Away~

Attention all homeschool seniors! Miss Jocelyn. is giving away a totally awesome senior shirt! Homeschool Boutique was very generous and donated one to MJ in order to give away! I've visited the boutique a few times and every time I have I've been greatly impressed with the products! So even if your not a senior check them out! They have christian t-shirts for non-homeschoolers too!
So what are you waiting for?? Click on one of the links and sign up if your a senior!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tagged and some pictures!

First of all I was tagged!
by Lacy at A Godly Maiden

The Rules

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So let’s see.. six random things about myself…

Hmmm Something random about me...

1. I have a slight obession with knitting books! Slight might be a tad of an understatment.
2. I have a little stuffed sheep keychain that snores when I squeeze it!
3. I've broken all my toes at least once and I think I've broken a few twice.
4. My goal is to grow my hair out to my waist again, when I was 8-9 I could sit on it!
5. When I'm nervous I fiddle with anything that I can get my hands on. Even when I'm not nervous I fold all my papers with out even thinking about it! It drives my mom crazy!
6. Some times I drop my "g's" and I say y'all instead of you all.

So how is my next victum...I mean who should I tag...hmmmmm...I know!

I tag anyone who reads this! Just joking, I tag anyone who wants to do this!

OK now for my pictures!

I wasn't able to attend church Sunday because my family was still getting over being sick so tonight will be my first ngiht to wear it to church. The past week I've worn it full time, mainly just to get used to wearing one before church and also just to see how it feels, I'm still praying about when I should be wearing one but in the mean time here are some pictures of a few that I've made/bought.

Little brother zoom out alittle please!

Thanks! Ok this one I made from some fabric my mom bought, its basicly just a bandana with ties.

This is the one I bought from Garlands of Grace! Front and Back. Also, I'm wearing this one to church tonight.

This is simply a bandana I bought a while back from goodwill and finally found a use for it! It matches my choir polo perfectly! My youngest brother (and my photograhier) likes this one best of all.

Well, off I go to church! I hope that this weekend I'll be able to share the response I get tonight!

Friday, October 3, 2008

When the waiting is easy

We always hear about how hard it is to wait, waiting in line at the bank or in the drive thru at a fast food place, and especially for Gods perfect some one and will for our lives; but how often do we hear about the joys of waiting? On some of your dear blogs I read about your joys of waiting and of your joys of training to be keepers at home, but up until now its been a huge struggle for me, currently I am very content with waiting. Right now I feel as if I'm not missing out on anything.
What bought this change? I'm not sure, I think it’s because I've take a few steps back and started examine my life. "Am I really ready to get involved with this young man?" or "do I really have all the traits that a wife/mother should have?" The answer is no! In six months I'll be legally an adult and by law I'll be viewed as ready to marry but we all know that we should use Gods' measuring tape and not the world's.

When I started looking at how my life measured up to Gods' yardstick I found a few areas lacking. As I've been working on these things I've felt a peace come over me about waiting. I realize that God had work for me to do as a single lady and that I must complete this before He shows me the next part of my life. How long will this take? I can't even begin to fathom! But you know what else I'm looking forward to the wait. Strange as it may sound I'm pleased to be in waiting. I'm under going some of the most important years of training in my life. Right now decisions that I make will shape my future.

As dear sister Sarah Mally writes in her book Before You Meet Prince Charming our purity is like a gift given us from The King. This gift must not only be given to the right person but at the right time. We can’t put this gift on a shelf to protect but instead it goes with us every where, even the slightest mishandling can damage it. We see others sharing their gifts’ around freely with others and we see the "fun" there having and we begin to wonder, do I really have to guard it this much? Well of course the answer is yes. Instead of watching the others ruin and damage there gift we should focus on the other tasks The King has given us. Such as being a servant to others and learning the things that He wants us to perfect. The gift I’m talking about is our heart and our purity.
Right now I'm not thinking about the future to much, of course I’m thinking about it some being in my last year of high school but mainly I'm striving to be a better servant in my home and working on being a better servant to my God. When I see all the work that needs to be done in this world I realize that it’s not my time yet, my time right now is to work in this world but not work for this world. Currently my calling is to be a candle while serving others and pointing them to Jesus.

Fairly recently a young man was showing a little interest in me. Needless to say I was flattered and he was a very nice young man so I started talking to him. Being careful to guard my heart I would smile a short smile when he passed and keep our conversations short and in groups of other friends. Yet, something was not right. At first it seemed as though it was just a friendship but later I realized that unless I put up a stop sign it could turn into something more! I realized that this young man was not what I had thought him to be but I didn't see this, I won't say how or why, but the Lord opened my fathers eyes to why this was heading towards a dangerous place and he then show me how this young man was not the right one for me at all.
I was consoled to not let anything form between him and I but to just keep a very causal and just friend relationship with him. Some how the Enemy used this as a door to plant a seed of discontent. I began to miss what I had never had, a real relationship with a young man.

Even though I was guarding my heart and protecting my self from becoming emotionally attached to this young man, who was not the right one for me, I let in what is called discontentment. This is where we begin to think that God just might be holding out on us, maybe, just maybe He doesn't really have a plan for us. We started to get antsy and we get flustered with our command to be set a part and to be an example of the believer with our purity.
This is very dangerous! We should never doubt that God has a perfect plan for us. Jeremiah 29:11 says: "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." I once heard how we see life this way.
A grandmother was sitting in her rocking chair working on some embroidery and her little granddaughter was sitting on the floor looking at the underside of her grandmother’s work. The little girl just saw the knots and crossed stings and asked her granny "why are you making such a mess? Surely you can do better, I've see it before!" The grandmother just smiled and said "you'll see once I'm finished dear one" so after the grandmother had finished her work she showed the little girl the right side of the work and the girl saw that it was a beautiful picture and that it was just a good if not better than all the others her grandmother had ever done! The wise old grandmother told the young girl " this is just like our life we see the under side and doubt Gods abilities and question Him, but God sees the right side and tells us "you'll see once I'm done working on you", so dear one don't doubt that God has a plan for you, you just can't see it yet".
Once I heeded my father’s wisdom the Lord began to work in my heart and removed that seed of discontentment and began to point out areas that I needed to be working on.

So right now waiting is easy for me, God is working my life and is holding my hand tightly as I walk though this life. As for now, I'm fully trusting HIM and keeping my eyes towards my Savior and waiting, joyfully waiting.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free Give Away!!!

My mother is giving away a free apron and bonnet for a little girl! Perfect for dress up or for anything else a little girl could want it for! I know I used to enjoy playing pioneers with my best friend clear up until I was 12 or so! All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog to be entered! If you have a little sister or maybe you just know a little girl that would like, be sure to leave my mom a comment! You never know, you might win it!

Up-Coming post!

~When the waiting is easy~