Sunday, May 3, 2009

Only a few more days up north...for now.

Today we spent the day staying home instead of going to the hospital since a few of us have been feel unwell. According to the doctors great-grandmother had a rough night, none the less she will be moved into a temporary nursing home this coming week. After that we are praying that she will be able to move into a assisted-living home where she can stay with her husband and still hang on to her sense of dignity.

My grandmother is going to be renting a house up here starting next month and I will be moving in with her for the summer to help her adjust and get settled into her new house. I want to start her a garden and help turn the house into a beautiful home for her year round. We are both very excited and can't wait! I am taking my SAT June 6th and she has to place a 30 day notice at her job or we'd be moving up much sooner!

I wish I could write more and spend more time proof reading and checking my grammar a little better but we have 9 people staying in one tiny house...with one slowish computer so we all try to be considerate of others and allow each person time to check e-mail and such as needed. Still with so many people it is hard to have even a little bit of privacy. I would love to respond to my e-mails but time is lacking and I want to spend as much time as I can with the Aunt and Uncle I've meet for the first time in my life this week!

This Tuesday we will be leaving early in the morning to head home. I will be sad to say good-bye to every one and to the beautiful land but I know that in a few short weeks I will be coming back for the summer, just until college that is!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Great-grandmother update.

Today is our first full day in Ohio. My great-grandmother is doing much better. The bleeding in her brain has stopped and she has no broken bones as was first supposed. She looks pretty beat up but not near as bad as we all thought she would look.
She is coherent on and off, some times remembering who we are and other times thinking we are part of the hospital staff. Today has been better for her though. Most of what she said made sense and she seemed to understand that she can't go home just yet. Her husband still isn't all the way here. He knows she fell and is in the hospital but doesn't really "get" whats going on. Everything has been really hard on him. This morning was his birthday and he informed us it wasn't. We we told him that, yes it was, its May first, he said well if you say so and then later told us how hard it is to sleep at night with out your partner. He has been so sweet with her; holding her hand and gently stroking it with his thumb, just smiling at her very lovingly. He also knows that he won't be able to care for her once she is released from the hospital, which I'm sure is very sad for him. He has late stages of Alzheimer and dementia. So even if grandma was able to come back home he wouldn't be able to care for himself. There is so much that needs to planned and taken care of, I am grateful that the responsibility doesn't fall on me or my mother.

Thanks to all of y'all for your prayers.